Black Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

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Date Created: 2/11/2020
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The Black Mustang has been a very popular color in Mustang history. Check out LMR's article detailing the Black Mustang paint colors from 1979-present.

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Black Mustang Colors & Paint Codes - Black Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

Black has always been one of the more popular colors, especially on a Mustang! What is really interesting is there hasn't been a whole lot of changes to the color due to it only being changed twice starting from the 1979 Fox Body to the most current Mustangs. This just comes to show that the simplicity of black brings about a simple, yet menacing look to this vehicle

Mustang Black Colors

Paint CodePaint NameYears Available
1C, YC, UABlack1979-15
G1Shadow Black (Absolute Black in 2021)2016-23


The original "Black" shade lasted a very long time with the Mustang models starting from 1975 and lasting all the way to 2015! This original shade lasted such a long time because it stood the test of time! No matter which generation Mustang you had, black always was always at the top of the list in terms of looks and appeal.

Black Mustang Colors & Paint Codes - Black Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

Shadow Black (Absolute Black)

This black color started in 2016 and is still being used on the most current model today. For the 2016-2020 models, the code changed to G1 with the color name being Shadow Black, and in 2021, the color was renamed Absolute Black, but still kept the G1 paint code. For the 2023 Mustang black shade it has been changed back to being called Shadow Black and hile this has more of a lighter shade to the black which brings a little more "pop" to the color, we at LMR think this is a look that would go great on any Mustang.

shadow black mustang - shadow black mustang

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