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Mustang Headlight Condensation Fix & Headlight Sealing

Created by Tyler Rodriquez
Last Updated 8/24/2017

Prevent your Mustang headlights from condensation and learn how to get condensation out of your headlights with this easy to use guide!

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How To Fix Mustang Headlight Condensation

OEM & Aftermarket headlights can sometimes get moisture in them due to old age or a bad seal. Follow along as we show you how to fix and prevent this common issue!
Sealing your NEW headlights with clear silicone is highly suggested before installation for cheap insurance against leaking.

Tools Needed:

  • Silicon
  • Rubber Gloves

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove your headlights from your car making sure to detach any electrical connections.

    Mustang Headlight Condensation Fix & Headlight Sealing

  2. Remove any bulbs that are attached to your headlights.

    Mustang Headlight Condensation Fix & Headlight Sealing

  3. Drain any built up water and set your headlights aside to dry out making sure all of the moisture has evaporated. It is not recommended to place in direct sunlight as the water will evaporate too quickly and leave water marks inside your headlight.

    Mustang Headlight Condensation Fix & Headlight Sealing

  4. Once the moisture has evaporated, take this time to inspect your headlights and check for any small cracks or holdes that will let air in and seal them with clear silicone. It is always a good idea to run a small bead of clear silicone across the top to ensure a good seal and prevent any water from leaking into the headlights.

    Mustang Headlight Condensation Fix & Headlight Sealing

  5. Once the silicone has dried, simply re-install your headlights making sure to reconnect any electrical connections and attaching hardware.

    Mustang Headlight Condensation Fix & Headlight Sealing

    That's it! Enjoy your newly sealed headlights!

    Mustang Headlight Condensation Fix & Headlight Sealing

About the Video

Mustang SVE Headlights Review & Install (99-04 All)

Check out our YouTube channel for even more tech tips, installation videos, how-tos, and more. The best place to go for anything Mustang related!

Published on 2015-12-14
Our SVE headlights will be available from three different options. All SVE headlights are backed by Late Model Restoration's no-hassle one year warranty!

- This headlight featured the chrome housings, amber reflectors and was the factory option on 1999-00 Mustangs.

- The 2001-04 style SVE Mustang headlight is by far the most popular when it comes to after market lighting options for the New Edge Mustang. These SVE headlights feature the same characteristics as the 1999-00 style except they have the ever-so-popular smoked housings.

- The SVE dark smoked headlight kit is the ultimate upgrade or replacement for anyone looking for a sleek, modern design. Like the factory style 2001-04 headlights, these will feature the smoked housing as well as a dark smoked lens.

Mustang Fitment: 1999 (99), 2000 (00), 2001 (01), 2002 (02), 2003 (03), 2004 (04) All
Hey! What’s going on guys? Landan here with Late Model Restoration. Today I’m going to be giving you my in-depth breakdown on three, popular headlight options from SVE fitting your 1999-2004 Mustang.

For years SVE products have made a name for themselves manufacturing quality Mustang components all without emptying your wallet in the process. From lightning, performance, cosmetics and wheels, SVE continues to produce some of the best Mustang parts on the market.

Up first, is this factory style replacement headlight for the 1999-2000 Mustangs. This particular headlight featured the chrome housings and of course the amber reflectors on the side. They are DOT compliant and are backed up LMR’s no-hassle one year warranty.

Next is by-far the most popular and my personal favorite headlight option for the New Edge Mustang. It features the exact same characteristics as the 99-00 style except this housing has a black or also referred to as a “smoked” housing. This headlight was standard equipment on all 2001-2004 Mustangs and is a great upgrade for any of you that own a 99-00 Mustang. Coinciding with the 99-00 style lights, these are DOT compliant and are supported by the same no-hassle one year warranty.

Last but not least is the SVE dark smoked headlight. This option is the ultimate upgrade or replacement for those of you looking for a sleek, modern design. They’ll feature a black housing just like the 01-04 factory style lights, as well as dark smoked lenses for a unique appearance. However, a little “fyi” for you guys; since the lens is smoked, you will notice a difference in night time visibility. If that’s something you aren’t too concerned with, then these headlights will perfectly fit your expectations. Like the previous options, these are covered by our no-hassle one year warranty and are DOT legal. The only catch, most states usually have laws regulating the use of a “smoked” or “tinted” light. Before purchasing these, I would recommend you contact your local DMV office to make sure these are legal in your area.

Touching base on our no-hassle one year lighting warranty a little bit; it is limited to the replacement value only and all defects are thoroughly investigated at our discretion. Of course, the warranty DOES NOT cover any vehicle related accidents or anything that has been altered from its original form.

To recap our SVE headlight options, you’ll have the power to choose from the 99-00 style light with chrome housing, 01-04 style light with the black or “smoked” housing, and of course the intimidating dark smoked version. Regardless of what you choose, each of these lights should install in about ten to twenty minutes per side.

Simply pop the hood and support it via the prop rod. On the driver side, remove the two retaining clips from the back of the light and carefully bring the light forward. Disconnect the headlight and turn signal connections. Rotate the turn signal socket counter-clockwise and remove it from the old headlight. Transfer it to your new headlight and rotate clockwise to lock it into place. The 99-00 and 01-04 style lights will come complete with new bulbs, so no transferring is required unless you have a higher-end bulb in your factory lights.

You will need to transfer the headlight bulb from your factory lights if you purchased the dark smoked version. To do so, rotate the bulb retainer counter-clockwise and remove the bulb. Remove the retainer on the dark smoked light and position the bulb into place. Rotate the retainer clockwise to lock it into place. Position your new headlight into place and reconnect the electrical connections. Reinstall your headlight retainers and repeat the steps for the passenger side. Check for operation and you’re all finished.

Another thing to keep in mind, is your new headlight alignment. More than likely these will need to be adjusted. No worries, it’s extremely easy and can be viewed by clicking the link in the description.

Don’t forget we carry a variety of parts associated with your headlights such as retainers, sockets, and new bulbs. So, whenever you decide to pick up a set of new headlights for your Mustang, be sure to get everything you may need.

If you guys want to see more informative product reviews and installs, then I invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t already done so. While you’re at it, get back over to the site and pick up some new SVE headlights for your 99-04 Mustang at LMR.com!