Ford Mustang Engine Oil Change Instructions

Posted 10/6/2016 by Tyler Rodriquez

Quickly learn earn how to change the oil in your Ford Mustang by following along with these quick & easy steps! Get everything you need with our all in one kit.

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How To Change Engine Oil In A Ford Mustang

Changing your Mustang's oil is one of the most important services you need to do to properly maintain your Stang. Late Model Restoration walks you through this easy task, showing you a quick and easy way to perform this routine maintenance. You will want to change your Mustang's oil every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, whichever comes first.

Tools Required:

  • Socket Set
  • Funnel
  • Drain Pan
  • Piece Of Cardboard (Optional)
  • Oil Filter Wrench (Optional)
  • Brake Clean (Optional)

How to change your oil:

  1. Lift your Mustang with either jacks and a jackstand or with a lift.

  2. Locate your drain plug, place a bucket or drain pan under it, and loosen the drain plug and allow it to drain.

  3. Take this time to inspect your drain plug & spray it down with brake clean.

  4. Once the oil has slowed to a drip, install the drain plug back into the pan and tighten down. Make sure not to overtighten as stripping the threads may occur.

  5. Locate your oil filter and slide your drain pan underneath it. Cut a strip of cardboard into a rectangle. Reach up and break loose your oil filter. Once the filter is loose, slide the piece of cardboard under the oil filter to catch any oil that may drip, and remove your oil filter.

  6. Before you install your new oil filter, make sure that the filter gasket is not stuck to the mating surface as this could cause a major leak.

  7. Apply a thin layer of oil on the oil filter rubber seal and twist onto the oil filter adapter. See your user manual for proper torque specs.

  8. Loosen & remove the fill cap on the valve cover.

  9. Using a funnel, pour the correct amount of oil into your fill tube.

  10. For proper fluid capacities, check out our Mustang Fluid Capacities Charts.

  11. Replace your fill cap, check your work, and you're finished!

Mustang Oil Change Kits

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How to Change Engine Oil in a Mustang - LMR Basics

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Published on 2016-09-29
In this installment of LMR Basics, check out a general procedure on changing the engine oil in a Mustang. Even though the Mustang has transformed drastically over the years, changing the oil is for the most apart verbatim across the board. When changing the engine oil in your Mustang, be sure to check the owners manual for the correct oil filter, oil viscosity and the recommended oil change interval. Shop for the best selection of oil change kits, parts and accessories.
What’s up everybody! Landan with In this installment of LMR Basics, I’m going to show you a general rundown on an oil change. I’ll be doing the work on this ’92 coupe which will get fresh Motorcraft oil, Ford Performance oil filter, and new drain plugs.

A few items to have on hand before you begin is quality brake clean, shop towels, rags, drain bucket, socket set, jack and jack stands, and some old cardboard.

Begin by jacking the car up and supporting it via jack stands. Of course, make sure the car is cool and not hot. Locate the drain plug or in our case, both drain plugs. Place your drain pan or bucket underneath the plug and loosen it with the correct socket.

Allow the oil to drain. Take this time to inspect your drain plug and spray it down with brake clean. Once the oil has slowed to a drip, thread the drain plug by hand and then tighten it down. Be sure not to overtighten the bolt. Repeat these steps for the second drain plug if equipped.

Locate the oil filter and slide your drain pan underneath. Cut a strip of old cardboard into a rectangle. Reach up and loosen the oil filter. Depending on the tightness, an oil filter wrench may be needed. Once the filter is loose, position the pieces of cardboard under the filter and then fully remove it. Allow the oil to run down the cardboard into the drain pan. Before installing your new oil filter, make sure you removed the rubber seal from the mating surface. Failure to do this will cause serious problems.

Open up some fresh oil and your new filter. I’ve always poured a little oil in the filter just help pre-soak the filter media. Also, apply a thin layer of fresh oil to the rubber seal. Thread the filter by hand and then refer to the owner’s manual for proper torque specs if there is any. On older cars, I’ve always tightened them by hand and have never had an issue.

Perform a quick visual inspection and that completes the under car steps. Moving to the engine bay, loosen and remove the fill cap on the valve cover. Use a funnel and pour the oil into the engine. Double check your owner’s manual for the proper oil viscosity and the amount needed. Remove the funnel and tighten the fill cap. Lower the car and double check everything. Before you call it quits, make sure to properly dispose of your oil and filter per your local regulations. That completes a successful oil change.

Most oil changes vary from thirty minutes to an hour depending on how things go. The methods shown is how I go about an oil change, and granted everyone’s ways are usually a little different.

Until next time, subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already done so; and be sure and check out our wide selection of oil change kits and oil accessories for your Mustang at