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Yellow Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

The Yellow Mustang has been a very popular color in Mustang history. Check out our article detailing all the yellow Mustang paint colors from 1979-2022.

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Yellow Mustang Colors & Paint Codes - Yellow Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

The first yellow Mustangs were actually introduced in the first year that the Mustang was produced in 1964. There were versions of yellow paint available that were available for the vast majority of Mustang production years. In this list, all yellow-greens and the majority of golds are not included but all gold yellow paints are. Check out our list of yellow Mustang colors from 1979-current!

1979-2022 MUSTANG Yellow COLORS

Paint Code Paint Name Years Available
64 Bright Yellow 1979-81
83 Light Chamois 1979
61, 6H Medium Yellow 1982-83, 1987
6Y Medium Vanilla 1982
8L Sand Beige 1985-88
66 Tropical Yellow 1988-89
6V Almond 1989
AG Race Yellow 1990
BZ Canary Yellow 1993-95
BZ Chrome Yellow 1998-99
B7 Zinc Yellow 2000-03
D6 Screaming Yellow 2004-06
NQ Yellow Blaze 2011-12
B1 School Bus Yellow 2013
H3 Triple Yellow 2015-18
CB Grabber Yellow 2021

Bright YELLOW | 1979-1981

“Bright Yellow” was an iconic color that was made most popular on the Boss 351. This color lasted until 1971 and was replaced with the name “Grabber Yellow”. It was first used on the Shelby Mustang in 1969-70, after that, it was a standard color on the Mustangs in 1971. Bright Yellow also made another appearance in 1975 and was last used on the 1981 Fox Body Mustangs.

bright yellow mustang - bright yellow mustang

ZINC YELLOW | 2000-2003

Starting in 2000, this color was only offered in the Spring and was a special paint that was offered at no extra charge. Gold was the only color that was close to this shade during the 2000 year, but starting in 2001 it became offered for the entire year.

Yellow Mustang Colors & Paint Codes - Yellow Mustang Colors & Paint Codes


This shade blended into 2 different body styles of the Mustang from the SN95 to the S197. Most colors tended to stick to one specific generation of Mustang, but this was a great decision by Ford to blend two generations because the lovers of the 2004 screaming yellow color were more likely to buy a 2005 or 2006 because the change wasn’t as drastic. Having a resemblance to Chrome Yellow, it provided a fresh new shade that will be admired by enthusiasts for generations!

Yellow Mustang Colors & Paint Codes - Yellow Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

TRIPLE YELLOW | 2015-2018

This is the only yellow shade offered on S550 Mustangs and was long-awaited since the last yellow Mustang shade which was the “School Bus Yellow” was offered two years prior in 2013. This color pairs extremely well with black accent pieces such as stripes and wheels. Triple Yellow was only offered in 2015-18 with no yellow shade being offered in 2019-20. Check out our 2015 Yellow Mustang loaded with parts from LMR.com!

Yellow Mustang Colors & Paint Codes - Yellow Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

Grabber YELLOW | 2021

Yellow returns after a three-year hiatus and comes back with a louder version of this fan favorite! While Grabber Yellow is the official name, others are also calling this “Yellow Peel”. It is only fitting with the Return of the Mach 1! Who wouldn’t want to drive a Grabber Yellow Mach 1?

Yellow Mustang Colors & Paint Codes - Yellow Mustang Colors & Paint Codes