S550 Mustang Suspension Torque Specs

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Date Created: 10/15/2019
Last Updated: 8/18/2021

We at LMR have provided a simple S550 Mustang suspension torque spec guide to better help with your Mustang build.

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S550 Mustang Suspension Torque Specs - S550 Mustang Suspension Torque Specs
*DISCLAIMER - all bolts are torqued to yield & these are for OEM items only. Some aftermarket parts can use different torque specifications. Please make sure to check the manufactures torque specs during installation.*

S550 Mustang Suspension Torque Specs List

Suspension Component Torque Specs
Verticle Link Upper - 81 ft/lbs | Lower - 129 ft/lbs
Rear Camber Arm Chassis Side Bolt - 85 ft/lbs | Knuckle Bolt - 76 ft/lbs
Rear Toe Rod Inner and Outer Bolts - 129 ft/lbs
Lower Control Arm to Knuckle Bolt 203 ft/lbs
Rear Wheel Speed Sensor 80 in/lbs
Wheel Lug Nuts 148 ft/lbs
Rear Axle Shaft Nut 90 ft/lbs an additional 45 degrees
Rear Subframe (4) Smaller Bolts 41 ft/lbs | Larger Bolts 129 ft/lbs
Rear Driveshaft Bolts 41 ft/lbs
Rear Shock Lower Bolts - 35 ft/lbs | Upper Bolts - 66 ft/lbs
Rear Sway Bar (4) Chassis Mount Bolts 52 ft/lbs
Sway Bar End Link Upper and Lower Nuts - 85 ft/lbs
Diff to Subframe Bolts 129 ft/lbs
Front Lower Control Arm Chassis Side - 177 ft/lbs | Knuckle Side - 85 ft/lbs
Rear Lower Control Arm Chassis Side - 177 ft/lbs | Knuckle Side - 85 ft/lbs
Front Strut to Spindle 184 ft/lbs
Front Sway Bar End Links 85 ft/lbs
Upper Strut Mount Nuts 46 ft/lbs
Front Sway Bar 76 ft/lbs
Front Subframe (8) Forward Nuts - 85 ft/lbs | Rear Bolts - 85 ft/lbs
Upper Strut to Strut Nut 76 ft/lbs

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