1984-95 Ford Mustang Heavy Duty Motor Mount Kit - Fox Body - 5.0 by 50resto

Mustang Heavy Duty Motor Mount Kit (84-95) 5.0

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Mustang Heavy Duty Motor Mount Kit (84-95) 5.0

Upgrade your motor mounts to the more desirable 1984-1995 Mustang heavy duty mounts for better support with this 5.0 Resto Heavy Duty Motor Mount Kit!

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  • Increased Support
  • Better Construction
  • Fits 1984-95 Ford Mustang 5.0L


  • High Quality Motor Mounts
  • Black Oxide Steel Chome Moly Bolts
  • High Durometer Rubber

What's in the Box

  • (1) LH Motor Mount
  • (1) RH Motor Mount
  • (4) Motor Mount To Engine Block Bolts With Washers
  • (2) Motor Mount To K- Member Nuts

Product Description

1984-1995 Mustang 5.0 Resto Heavy Duty Motor Mount Kit
This 5.0 Resto kit is the perfect kit to upgrade your 1984-1995 Mustang to the desirable convertible motor mounts! These mounts offer better support and better construction than hard top mounts. This kit includes (1) driver side motor mount, (1) passenger motor mount, (4) ARP motor mount to engine block bolts with washers and (2) motor mount to k-member nuts. The 1984-1992 5.0L motor mount/engine mount was originally just a big block of rubber that usually delaminated from the metal plate and caused the engine to sit low often allowing the cooling fan to hit the fan shroud. In severe cases it could also cause the fan to hit the radiator as well as vibration issues due to the incorrect drive-line angle.

The convertible models used a different mount that had a smaller and higher durometer rubber insulator that was fully encapsulated in steel plating. This became the go-to motor mount for all 5.0 Mustang owners when replacement was needed and even Ford started using them in all 5.0L Mustang production starting in late 1992 and continuing through 1995.

Clearance Information
Due to the mass-produced nature of this motor mount, some mild clearancing may be needed for proper fitment. This is the same mount you would get at your local auto parts store as there is only one aftermarket manufacturer, so the same note applies. The areas that may need to be trimmed are where the mount may come in contact with the block & not allow proper alignment of the bolt holes. The corner of the mount flange may potentially come in contact with the coolant drain plug boss which might keep it from fully bolting up. These areas may vary, so a fitment check will need to be done before installation. Clearancing can be performed with a hand file, die grinder, bench grinder or dremel tool. The amount of material that may need to be removed is small, so not much time/effort will be needed.

Fitment Note
Will fit 79-83 Mustang with stock k-member if the slots for the mount stud are enlarged in the k-member and the locating studs on the mount are removed.

-Fits 1984-95 Ford Mustang 5.0L/5.8L with stock K-member.
-Fits 1979-95 Ford Mustang 5.0L/5.8L with tubular k-member

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Product Videos

1984-95 Mustang Motor Mounts 5.0 Resto Review

Check out our YouTube channel for even more tech tips, installation videos, how-tos, and more. The best place to go for anything Mustang related!

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3 of 8 REVIEWS
3 of 8 REVIEWS

5 Stars   Great fit and finish
By on 11/25/2013
After beating and grinding my way through other aftermarket Windsor mounts to make them fit, I was pleasantly surprised to see the sturdy, high grade finish on these. The ability to install them without a single hiccup or fitment issue made this by far the fastest and easiest engine install I've ever done.

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2 Stars   Not a good fit. Grinder not included.
By on 9/20/2015
This mount kit comes with everything you need to slap new mounts on your small block, including nice ARP fasteners. Too bad I couldn't just slap them on. Break out your grinder for this one. The bends on the L/H mount were not a nice 90 degree nor strait where they should have been, therefore it would not fit nicely up against the block and the bolt holes did not line up. This one missed quality control.

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3 Stars   Decent buy
By on 3/9/2015
Bought and installed. The mounts came with two different finishes which doesn't concern me. But each was made in a different country which made me leary on them being correct. They do not specify in the description what brand they actually are. But they fit in and are better than my collapsed oem mounts.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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5 Stars   Perfect Fit, Includes ARP!
By on 8/3/2016
Purchased these to get my 90 fox Mustang project back on the road. These bolted right onto my SVE shortblock without any issues. Its nice that it includes all new hardware as well.

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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1 Stars   Terrible mounts
By on 12/15/2016
Did not fit, they looked like someone previously returned them and then sent to me. Already had scratches on the paint, poor quality control on these. The only way these would fit is for me to grind them/bend them to place and then drill out the holes. Only reason they get 1 star is I cant give them a lower rating.

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1 Stars   Used parts
By on 5/18/2017
Opened the boxes which had been torn as if I was getting someone else's return junk an one mount was gloss black with scratches while the other One was flat black with dings an scratches will be returning product an will not buy again!

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1 Stars   Don't fit right..
By on 7/11/2016
None of these stock motor mounts fit right. I'm going to have to buy me some urethane mounts instead.

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2 Stars   china junk
By on 12/23/2016
these are horrible had to drill 4 new holes 2per mount

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3 Stars   Great fit
By on 4/25/2016
The mechanic installed without any issue

Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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