1979 Ford Mustang Specs, Horsepower, & Features

Do you ever find yourself searching for the factory specs on your 1979 Ford Mustang? If so you have definitely come to the right place!

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1979 Ford Mustang Specs, Horsepower, & Features - 1979 Ford Mustang Specs, Horsepower, & Features

1979 marked the beginning of a legend, the Fox Body Mustang debuted! Ford brought more to the table than ever before with this newly redesigned and lighter Ford Mustang. This 1979 Mustang model was based on the Fox-4 platform which shared components from the Fairmont, Capri, and other Ford models!

The most notable styling elements that were incorporated from the previous Gen 2 Mustang models were the long nose and short neck. On top of these features, both the Ghia and Cobra models were carried over from the Gen 2 Mustang as well. We will touch base on some of the most popular 1979 Mustang Specs, including horsepower, torque, curb weight, and more!

1979 Ford Mustang Engine Specs

Engine Options Engine Bore Compression Horsepower Torque Fuel Tank
2.3L 2V 4cyl 3.78 x 3.13 inches 9.0:1 88hp 118 ft-lbs 11.5 gal.
2.3L 2V 4cyl (Turbo) 3.78 x 3.13 inches 9.0:1 132hp 142 ft-lbs 12.5 gal.
2.8L 2V V-6 3.66 x 2.70 inches 8.7:1 109hp 142 ft-lbs 12.5 gal.
3.3L 1V 6cyl 3.68 x 3.13 inches 9.6:1 85hp 154 ft-lbs 11.5 gal.
5.0L 2V V-8 4.00 x 3.00 inches 8.4:1 140hp 250 ft-lbs 12.5 gal.


Exterior Paint Options Paint Code
Black 1C
Bright Blue 3J
Bright Red 2P
Bright Yellow 64
Dark Jade Metallic 46
Light Chamois 83
Light Medium Blue 3F
Light Wedgewood Blue Metallic 3H
Medium Chestnut Metallic 5M
Medium Gray Metallic 1P
Medium Red Metallic 2H
Medium Vaquero Glow 5W
Pewter Metallic (Pace Car) 1E
Polar White 9D
Silver Metallic 1G
Tangerine 85
Interior Color Options Color Code
Black A
Blue B
Chamois T
Red D
Vacquero Z
White/Black W
White/Blue Q
White/Chamois 2
White/Vacquero 9
White/Red N

1979 FORD MUSTANG Curb Weight

Model Curb Weight
2.3L 4-cyl Manual 2,515 lbs
2.3L 4-cyl Automatic 2,515 lbs
2.3L 4-cyl Turbo 2,599 lbs
2.8L V6 Manual 2,595 lbs
2.8L V6 Automatic 2,595 lbs
3.3L I6 Automatic 2,581 lbs
5.0L V8 Manual 2,811 lbs
5.0L V8 Automatic 2,811 lbs

1979 FORD MUSTANG Production Numbers

Model Units Sold
1979 Pace Car 10,478
1979 Cobra 17,579
1979 2dr Sedan 156,666
1979 3dr Hatchback 120,535
1979 2dr Ghia Sedan 56,351
1979 3dr Ghia Hatchback 36,384

1979 FORD MUSTANG Transmission Options

Engine Transmission Options
2.3L 2V T-04 Manual/C-4 Automatic
2.3L 2V Turbo T-04 Manual/C-4 Automatic
2.8L 2V V-6 T-04 Manual/C-4 Automatic
3.3L 1V 6cyl C-4 Automatic
5.0L V8 SROD 4 speed Manual/C-4 Automatic