1981 Ford Mustang Specs, Horsepower, & Features

Do you ever find yourself searching for the factory specs on your 1981 Ford Mustang? If so you have definitely come to the right place!

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1981 Ford Mustang Specs, Horsepower, & Features - 1981 Ford Mustang Specs, Horsepower, & Features

The 1981 Mustang changed little from 1980 however, the biggest new option of the 1981 Mustang was the availability of a t-top in both hatchback and notchback Mustangs! Additionally, a Traction-Lok limited-slip differential and power side windows were added with reclining seats becoming standard equipment. Many of the same options were carried over from 1980 with the edition of new interior trim options!

Ford dropped the 2.3L Turbo in a Mustang until 1983. On top of that, 1981 would be the last year for the Cobra model in the U.S until the introduction of the SVT Mustang Cobra in the 1993 model year. Fortunately, Ford had the smart idea to continue marketing the Cobra name in Canada as the "Cobra GT". By doing this, Ford maintained the trademark which prevented it from going on the open market for public use. Fast forward to today, the only vehicles produced with the coiled serpent logo are the Cobra Roadsters as well as the SVT Mustang Cobra. With the trademark of this logo, it is shown to be manufactured by Shelby American which we all know and love to this day.

1981 Ford Mustang Engine Specs

Engine Options Engine Bore Compression Horsepower Torque Fuel Tank
2.3L 2V 4cyl 3.78 x 3.13 inches 9.0:1 88hp 118 ft-lbs 12.5 gal.
3.3L 1V 6cyl 3.68 x 3.13 inches 9.6:1 91hp 160 ft-lbs 12.5 gal.
4.2L 2V V-8 3.38 x 3.00 inches 8.8:1 115hp/120 hp Calif. 195 ft-lbs/205 ft-lbs Calif. 12.5 gal.


Exterior Paint Options Paint Code
Black 1C
Bright Bittersweet 2G
Bright Red 27
Bright Yellow 6N
Dark Blue Metallic 3L
Dark Cordovan Metallic 8N
Light Pewter Metallic 1T
Medium Bittersweet Metallic 8D
Medium Blue Metallic 3H
Medium Dark Brown 5Q
Medium Pewter Metallic 17
Medium Red 24
Pastel Chamois 86
Polar White 9D
Interior Color Options Color Code
Beryl K
Black A
Caramel T
Cordovan F
Cream Gold V
Dark Red D
Dove Gray S
Light Fawn U
Light Pewter P
Medium Fawn L
Medium Pine R
Medium Red D
Pewter S
Sand Y
Vaquero Z
White/Bittersweet 7
White/Blue Q
White/Black W
White/Fawn 3
White/Red N

1981 FORD MUSTANG Curb Weight

Model Curb Weight
2.3L 4-cyl Manual 2,652 lbs
2.3L 4-cyl Automatic 2,652 lbs
3.3L I6 Manual 2,681 lbs
3.3L I6 Automatic 2,681 lbs
4.2L V8 Automatic 2,848 lbs

1981 FORD MUSTANG Production Numbers

Model Units Sold
1981 Cobra 1,821 (included in non-Ghia Models) *Estimated
1981 T-Top Coupe 2,422 *Estimated
1981 T-Top Hatch 12,352 *Estimated
1981 2dr Sedan 77,458
1981 3dr Hatchback 77,399
1981 2dr Sedan Ghia 13,422
1981 3dr hatchback Ghia 14,273

1981 FORD MUSTANG Transmission Options

Engine Transmission Options
2.3L 2V T-04 Manual
3.3L 1V 6cyl T-04 Manual
4.2L V8 C-4 Automatic