1987 Ford Mustang Specs, Horsepower, & Features

Do you ever find yourself searching for the factory specs on your 87 Mustang Fox Body? If so you have definitely come to the right place!

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1987 Ford Mustang Specs, Horsepower, & Features - 1987 Ford Mustang Specs, Horsepower, & Features

The 1987 Mustang received a much-needed facelift eliminating the aero-look of the company's other offerings. Even though most of the sheet metal components stayed the same, the front end took on an entirely new look as a result of retooling the plastic bumper cover.

Ford also dropped the SVO, 4-Cyl turbo, and V6. This was because it became apparent as a result of mediocre SVO sales that most performance Mustang buyers were not interested in a 4 or 6-cylinder power plant, no matter what horsepower it was. Next was that the UAW (United Auto Workers) began to protest the pending layoff of the Dearborn Assembly Plant workers that would be affected by the move. Lastly, when word about the new changes leaked out to the public, Ford began to receive letters of protest by the thousands. This resulted in only V8 and 4cyl options being offered in the redesigned 1987 Mustang! Check out our 1987 Mustang specs below!

1987 Ford Mustang Engine Specs

Engine Options Engine Bore Compression Horsepower Torque Fuel Tank
2.3L 2V 4cyl 3.78 x 3.13 inches 8.3:1 90hp 122 ft-lbs 15.4 gal.
5.0 V-8 EFI 4.00 x 3.00 inches 9.2:1 225hp 300 ft-lbs 15.4 gal.


Exterior Paint Options Paint Code
Black 1C
Smoke Poly 1D
Smoke 1K
Medium Scarlet 2D
Medium Cabernet 2H
Medium Shadow Blue 3R
Jonquil 6H
Shadow Blue 7B
Bright Regatta Blue 7H
Sand Beige 8L
Dark Sable 8Y
Oxford White 9L
Interior Color Options Color Code
Blue B
Scarlet D
Smoke G
Sand Beige Y
Oxford White/Scarlet N
Oxford White/Blue Q
Oxford White/Smoke U

1987 FORD MUSTANG Curb Weight

Model Curb Weight
2.3L 4-cyl Manual 2,725 lbs
2.3L 4-cyl Automatic 2,725 lbs
5.0L V8 Automatic 3,080 lbs
5.0L V8 Manual 3,080 lbs

1987 FORD MUSTANG Production Numbers

Model Units Sold
1987 2dr Coupe 43,257
1987 3dr Hatchback 94,441
1987 2dr Convertible 32,074

1987 FORD MUSTANG Transmission Options

Engine Transmission Options
2.3L 4cyl T-5 Manual/4-Speed Automatic
5.0L V8 AOD 4-Speed Automatic/T-5 Manual
Source: Ford Motor Company