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1994-1998 Ford Mustang Specifications

Last Updated 12/2/2016 by Phillip Perez

In this article we will touch on some of the key aspects of what makes the 1994-1998 Ford Mustang ,known as the Sn95, so special!

The 4th Generation Came to Life

After much anticipation, in 1994 the new Sn95 Mustang body style was unveiled! After 15 years of the Fox Body Mustang the all new Sn95 made its debut. This new Mustang Body Style included a running horse in the grille, side scoops ahead of the rear wheels, triple-element tail lamps, and the beautiful long-hood/short-deck we have all come to love. With the 1994-98 receiving an all new exterior Ford felt it necessary to update the interior as well.

1994-1998 Ford Mustang Specifications - 1994-1998 Ford Mustang Specifications

Engine Options

Between 1994 & 1998 Ford debuted 3 new motors and a redesigned 5.0L. The 3.8L OHV V6, 4.6L OHC V8, and 4.6L DOHC V8 made its debut. These new engine platforms helped the Mustang become what is is today. Ford also laid their hands on the transmission of the 94-98 Mustang offering up two new options. The AODE 4-speed automatic transmission and the T-45 5-speed manual transmission also made its debut!

1994-1998 Ford Mustang Specifications - 1994-1998 Ford Mustang Specifications

Special Editions

The Mustang Cobra continued in 1994-1998 but received many changes within those years. After the huge success of the 1993 Cobra R Ford and SVT teamed up once again to offer the 1995 Cobra R Mustang featuring a beefed up 5.8L 351 V8 producing 300HP and could only be ordered if you had a valid racing license. The 96-98 Cobra came with Ford's all new 4.6L DOHC engine producing 305HP and a new color, Mystic-Chrome. Ford also debuted is one and only GTS Trim 95 Mustang which featured a 302cid push rod V8 power plant, a traction-axle, no rear spoiler, and no fog lights with only 6,370 being produced!

1994-1998 Ford Mustang Specifications - 1994-1998 Ford Mustang Specifications

1994-2004 Mustang Parts

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1994-1998 Ford Mustang Specifications Tech Info

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