79-95 Mustang Spark Plug Wire Install

Watch our 79-95 5.0L Mustang Spark Plug Wire Install! Increase performance and fuel economy new plug wires from We offer a great selection from brands such as Ford Performance, Performance Distributors, Taylor, and Motorcraft.

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Follow along in this video as Jmac shows you how to install a set of Performance Distributors Livewires on a 86-93 Fox Body Mustang. This easy installation is a great way to improve performance and increase fuel economy - especially when you are replacing older worn plug wires. When replacing your plug wires, don't forget to upgrade your ignition coil and replace your spark plugs to get the best performance gains!

Upgrading your ignition is one of the most important steps to ensure you are getting the most of our performance Stang. Installation takes less than an hour and can be done in your driveway. The most important thing to remember when changing your spark plugs is to ensure your plug wires are installed in the correct location. Jmac will point out cylinder numbers on the engine and their corresponding location on the distributor cap. With performance plug wires, such as Livewires, you get the added benefit of having the plug wires numbered to help with the installation.

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79-95 Mustang Spark Plug Wire Install

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Published on 2013-08-27
Follow along in the video as Jmac shows you just how easy it is to upgrade the spark plug wires in your Fox Body Mustang.

Are your Mustang Spark Plug Wires cracked and worn? Look no further than the Performance Distributors Livewire Plug Wires. Not only will you see an increase in performance but you can see improvements in fuel economy as well. They are a great way to finish off any ignition system upgrade.

* Mustang Livewire Plugwires
* Mustang Screamin Demon Ignition Coil
* Mustang Hot Forged Aluminum Distributor
* Mustang Wire Looms by Taylor

SPEAKER 1: The Performance Distributors LiveWires are an excellent addition to the Hot Forge Distributor and the Screamin' Demon coil, because they'll get all that extra spark energy to the spark plug. They feature a very low resistance, about 300 to 350 ohms per foot. They're spiral-wound so you don't end up with any radio interference.

They have heat-shrinked ends to keep the moisture out of the boots, a heat braid that is a good up to about 1,400 degrees, and they're also cut to length and numbered for each cylinder, making them the best plug wire for your Mustang.

Replacing your spark plug wires is very simple and doesn't require a whole lot of thought. However, I do want to point out a couple of things that you want to keep in mind-- namely, the firing order and then how to remove the spark plug wires from the spark plugs.

Now starting on the passenger side, at the front, you have cylinder number one. Then two, three, and at the back is number four. Then moving over to the driver's side, you've got cylinder number five at the front, and six, seven, and number 8 is at the very back next to the firewall. Now on top of the cap, the firing order is one, three, seven, two, six, five, four, and eight. The coil is in the center. Now to remove your spark plug wire, it would be easier to give the boot a twist and then pull it away.

Now these Performance Distributors LiveWires fit great and didn't take long to install. Now when changing out spark plug wires, it's a great time to go ahead and change out your spark plugs. Now for more ignition components for your Mustang, check out