Mustang Ignition Coil Installation (84-95 Fox Body & SN95)

Posted 8/24/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch our 5.0L Mustang Ignition Coil Install Video! Improve spark performance & increase spark output voltage. Replace your old worn out factory ignition coil and replace it with a performance ignition coil. Late Model Restoration carries Mustang ignition coils from manufacturers such as MSD, Performance Distributors & Motorcraft.

Follow along in the video as Jmac shows you just how easy it is to replace your factory ignition coil in 84-95 Mustangs. Replacing your old factory Mustang ignition coil is a great way to increase your spark performance and output voltage. The Performance Distributors Screamin' Demon coil is not exception to this. You will have proven spark throughout your RPM range to ensure you will have no drop in power due to spark. Don't forget to replace your factory spark plug wires with a set of performance plug wires to get the most out of your new ignition coil!

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How To Install 84-95 Fox Body & SN95 Mustang Ignition Coil

Tools Needed:

  • 7/32 Socket
  • Swivel
  • Nut Driver
  • Screw Driver

    Installation Instructions

    1. Remove the coil wire.

    2. Unplug the connector.

    3. Grab a nut driver with a swivel and a 7/32" socket to remove the 4 bolts and take out the coil.

    4. Install the new coil and tighten the bolts.

    5. Reinstall everything in reverse fashion.


    About the Video

    (84-95) Mustang Ignition Coil Install: Screamin' Demon Ignition Coil by Performance Distributors

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    Published on 2013-08-24
    Your Mustang ignition upgrade isn't complete until you replace your weak Fox Body Mustang Ignition Coil with the PPerformance Distributors Screamin' Demon coil. This ignition coil will enhance the performance of your 5.0/5.8L Mustang by replacing that stock ignition coil with a coil that was designed to produce exceptional spark throughout your entire RPM range. Your stock Mustang Ignition Coil begins to fall off as you continue through your upper RPM range.

    The Screamin Demon Coil features a brass terminal for your coil wire to attach to. The brass terminal is more conductive than the stock aluminum terminal and will resist corrosion longer. Plug gaps can be widened to .060" due to the energy of this coil. The wider spark plug gap will allow more spark energy into the combustion chambers providing more power and improved mileage. The Screamin' Demon is too "hot" for stock plug wires. 8 mm spiral core wires are highly recommended

    Save time and money by buying our Performance Distributors Ignition Kit:
    This kit features the following parts:
    * Mustang Livewire Plug wires
    * Mustang Screamin Demon Ignition Coil
    * Mustang Hot Forged Aluminum Distributor
    * Mustang Taylor Wire Looms
    JONATHAN MCDONALD: The Performance Distributors Screaming Demon ignition coil has a tiger winding and a more concentrated winding for increased spark energy. This increased spark energy allows you to open up your spark plug gap to about 65 thousandths on a naturally aspirated car. It also features a brass terminal for better conductivity and increased corrosion resistance.

    Replacing the coil on your '86 to '93 5.0 Mustang is extremely simple. First thing you're going to want to do is remove your coil wire, then unplug the electrical connector. Grab you a nut driver with a swivel and a 7/32 socket, and remove the four 7/32 bolts that retain the coil to the bracket.

    Remove the stock coil. Put your new coil into place. Reattach the four bolts. Plug in your electrical connector. And reattach the coil wire.

    Now, the Performance Distributors Screaming Demon coil is so hot it's not recommended for use with stock plug wires. You'll want to upgrade to something like their Live Wires ignition wires. Plus, you get to open up your spark plug gap to a whopping 65 thousandths on a naturally aspirated application. Now, for more Mustang ignition components, check out