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Mustang Flowmaster Axle Back Exhaust Installation (11-14 5.0L)

Created by Jeff Jimenez
Date Created: 12/15/2013
Last Updated: 11/30/2022

Give your S197 Mustang an aggressive exhaust tone with the help of a Flowmaster axle back muffler kit!

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These easy to install Mustang exhaust kits will improve exhaust flow and give your Stang that classic American muscle car sound we all love!!

Back when the 1987-93 5.0 Mustangs were ruling the streets, if you weren't running Flowmasters, you weren't cool. 2 chamber "Flows" with an offroad h-pipe or x-pipe produced the sound that inspired 5.0 owners and put fear in hearts of those driving an anemic TPI Camaro.

It's only fitting that Flowmaster offer axle-back kits for the new 2011 5.0.

I had the rare opportunity to install one of the first Flowmaster axle backs on my 2011 GT 5.0. In addition to the legendary American Thunder axle back system for the 2011 5.0, Flowmaster offers the Hushpower axle back system. The Hushpower exhaust is a lightweight, compact muffler that offers a deep, rich tone with minimal interior noise and drone (you know, that 2000rpm drone that's was a complaint in past Flowmaster systems). The exterior sound is mellow and muscular. Missing is the pickup-truck pop apparent in so many aftermarket mufflers.

Installation is a snap. Fit is OEM quality, and no cutting or welding of your factory exhaust system is required. In addition to the sound and power produced by the Hushpower system, is the added benefit of reduced weight. The factory axle back weighs in at 42 pounds. The Hushpower mufflers weigh only 24 pounds. That's an astonishing 18 pound weight savings!

4" stainless rolled tips with the Flowmaster logo round out the great looking and sounding system.

Follow along as I install the 2011 Mustang GT Hushpower axle back on my 5.0, and check out the video. This is simply the best-sounding system for the 2011 Mustang that I've heard to date. For you V6 owners, Flowmaster offers the force 2 axle back for the 2011 Mustang 3.7 V6 as well. For about $400, and a few minutes of your time, you can get the signature Flowmaster sound for your new Mustang. The Camaro and Challenger guys won't love you for it!

Installing an axle back on a 2011 Mustang GT is a breeze. There is a ball and socket connector at the front, secured by one clamp with a 13mm bolt. The muffler hangs by three steel rod hangers in insulated mounts.

Mustang Flowmaster Axle Back Exhaust Installation (11-14 5.0L) - Mustang Flowmaster Axle Back Exhaust Installation (11-14 5.0L) Mustang Flowmaster Axle Back Exhaust Installation (11-14 5.0L) - Mustang Flowmaster Axle Back Exhaust Installation (11-14 5.0L)

I found that releasing the hanger from the rear insulated mount, and removing the clamp from the ball and socket flange allowed me to slide the muffler forward and off of its front hangers.

The Flowmaster axle-back re-uses the front clamp for the ball-and-socket connection. The clamp is secured to the factory axle back by a thin metal strap that has to be cut off. We used a cut off wheel to cut the strap and remove the clamp.

Mustang Flowmaster Axle Back Exhaust Installation (11-14 5.0L) - Mustang Flowmaster Axle Back Exhaust Installation (11-14 5.0L)

Re-installation of the axle back simply consists of sliding the two front hangers in their mounts, re-connecting the ball and socket flange, then sliding the rear hanger in its insulator.

The final installation step is to have a buddy center the tip in the rear valance while you tighten the clamp for the ball and socket connector.

Mustang Flowmaster Axle Back Exhaust Installation (11-14 5.0L) - Mustang Flowmaster Axle Back Exhaust Installation (11-14 5.0L)

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2011 5.0 Mustang GT Flowmaster Exhaust

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Published on 2013-12-12
Check out Scott's 2011 5.0L Mustang GT before and after with the new Flowmaster Hushpower axle back exhaust kit installed. This kit has an aggressive rumble to it that is as stealthy as it is powerful.
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