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FLUIDYNE is a manufacturer of innovative cooling products for a wide range of high performance Mustangs & Lightings.

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Mustang Fluidyne Radiators

Fluidyne Heat Exchangers

Fluidyne High Performance stands at the forefront of cutting-edge heat transfer technology. A trailblazer in the field, our solutions have earned the trust of elite motorsports entities such as NASCAR, setting the standard for thermal efficiency in radiators and fluid coolers.

Employing a suite of proprietary processes, we meticulously craft each product to deliver unparalleled performance. Our designs boast the highest heat transfer rates, optimizing coolant flow rates to minimize pressure drop and eradicate hot spotting. Featuring ½” tubes, high-density cooling fins, and up to 5 rows of tubes, our products epitomize the pinnacle of engineering precision.

Rest assured, every Fluidyne product is a testament to American ingenuity, proudly designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. Elevate your performance with Fluidyne High Performance – where innovation meets excellence.