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LMR is your #1 source for Mustang Performance Parts! Most Mustangs come with good power from the factory, but after a little while, it won't be enough. We've got the best performance parts you need to beat the competition! Shop cold air intakes, intake manifolds, throttle bodies, cylinder heads, and more! These performance parts increase horsepower and torque to make the driving experience in your Mustang unforgettable! Shop our selection below from the top manufacturers in the industry now!

What Are Mustang Performance Parts?

Mustang Performance Parts consist of components that improve the performance of your Mustang. They can include anything from an upgraded air intake to a new set of headers. By adding these upgrades to your Mustang, you can dramatically increase the power and performance of your car.

If you're looking to improve the performance of your Mustang, there's no need to look any further than Mustang Performance Parts. These components can give your car a serious boost in power and performance, making it a better performer on the track or the street. If you are looking to modify your mustang and increase its overall performance, then there are plenty of mustang performance parts available at

How Can I Add More Horsepower To My Mustang?

There are so many ways to add additional horsepower to your Mustang. The easiest and most cost-efficient way to increase horsepower is by performing a simple Air Intake upgrade. Replacing the restrictive factory air intake with an aftermarket unit allows more clean air into your mustang's engine, allowing it to produce more power. Another great way to increase horsepower is by installing a set of new headers on your mustang. New headers can improve airflow and give your mustang a more throaty and aggressive sound.

You can also improve such areas as your Mustang's exhaust or engine to really see performance gains. By implementing all of these different performance options, you can be sure that Mustang Performance Parts will help improve its overall horsepower gains.

What Is the Performance Package On A Ford Mustang?

A Ford Mustang Performance Package is an upgrade package for Mustangs that offer both handling and overall performance improvements over the standard Mustang GT. The package includes a number of different upgrades, such as a revised suspension, new wheels and tires, and an upgraded engine. Installing a Performance Package on your Mustang can give you dramatic improvements in both handling and performance.

Does Ford Make Performance Parts?

Ford is known as the authority for most Mustang Performance Parts. The company offers a wide variety of different performance parts for Mustangs of all ages and models. If you're looking to add more power and performance to your Mustang, then Ford is definitely the best place to start. These performance parts help improve suspension, brakes, engine, exhaust, and much more!

Can You Add a Performance Pack To Mustang?

Yes, you can add a Ford Mustang Performance Pack to your Mustang. Ford has two popular performance packs available for Mustangs: the Handling and Performance Pack and the MagneRide Performance Pack. Both of these Mustang Performance Pack options are available as an upgrade, allowing you to add them to any Mustang model, year, or transmission type.