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1999-04 Mustang Fog Lights Installation Instructions

Faded fog lights on a new edge is one of the most common problems with the 99-04 Mustang. Follow along as we show you how to replace your Mustang's fog lights to give your new edge Mustang that new car look!

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1999-2004 Mustang Fog Light Installation

Over time, fog lights get pelted with rocks and debris from the road. Over time this will cause them to become dingy, broken, or faded. Replacing the fog lights on your 1999-2004 Cobra, 1999-2004 GT, and Mach 1 will restore the exterior appearance and ability to light the road. Use the steps below to replace your worn-out fog lights! Reference our 1999-2004 GT and Mach 1 smoked fog light installation video above!

1999-2004 GT & Mach 1 Instructions

  1. Disconnect the light bulb electrical connection. 
    How to Install Mustang Fog Lights (99-04) - gt mach 1 fog light electrical connection
  2. Remove the bottom retaining screw. This one is accessible from the bottom of the bumper. 
    How to Install Mustang Fog Lights (99-04) - gt mach 1 fog light bottom screw
  3. Remove the two upper fog light housing retaining screws. The photo below shows the fog light removed for reference to the location of the screws. 
    How to Install Mustang Fog Lights (99-04) - gt mach 1 fog light upper retaining screws
  4. Transfer over the lower speed nut from the original fog light housing to the new fog light housing. 
    How to Install Mustang Fog Lights (99-04) - gt Mach 1 fog light bottom speed nut
  5. Reinstall the new fog lights in the reverse removal order. 


1999-2001 Cobra

  1. Disconnect the light electrical connection. 
  2. Remove the three fog light retaining screws. 
  3. Reinstall the new fog lights in the reverse removal order.


2003-2004 Cobra

Use our in-depth 2003-2004 Cobra fog light installation guide and video by clicking here!


Frequently Asked Questions

What fog light bulbs do the 1999-2004 Mustang have? 

  • 1999-2004 GT/Mach 1/99-01 Cobra - 899, 880, or 893
  • 2003-2004 Cobra - 9145 or H10

Can you convert the fog lights on a 1999-2004 Mustang or Cobra to LED?

  • You certainly can. We have many conversion kits that will convert your fog lights to LED. 


About the Video

1999-2004 Mustang SVE Smoked Fog Lights - Review & Install

Check out our YouTube channel for even more tech tips, installation videos, how-tos, and more. The best place to go for anything Mustang related!

Published on 2017-01-26

Add a sleek, smoked look to your New Edge with this 1999-2004 Mustang SVE smoked fog light kit! Factory fog lights oxidize and fade over time. Replace your dull factory lights with this SVE smoked fog light kit! This kit features a black housing with smoked lens to provide the blacked out look to the front of your New Edge! The lights utilize the factory connections for a plug and play replacement. Factory style brackets are included for a quick and easy installation!

-Smoked Lens
-Chrome Inner Reflectors
-Factory Style Mounting Brackets
-Easy Install

Mustang Fitment: 1999-2004 Mustang GT & Mach 1

Fitment Note: Only use factory style or OEM replacement bulbs. Aftermarket Xenon or HID style bulbs will melt the fog light housings.

Item # SDT-15200GWJ
What’s up everybody? Landan with Late Model Restoration. Today this video will cover my overview and install on SVE’s smoked fog light kit fitting all 1999 to 2004 GT or Mach 1 Mustangs.

If you’re in the market to replace a damaged, cloudy or missing factory fog light in your 99 to 04 GT or Mach 1, but want to add a little bit modern styling; then this is smoked fog light kit from SVE is a good choice.

Right out of the box, they’re going to include everything you need to install them minus the attaching hardware; which is reused. They do feature a chrome inner reflector and chrome inner housing. The light itself will also be pre-installed into the plastic bracket which also incorporates an adjusting screw so you can fine tune the light trajectory.

They are a direct fit replacement fog light which means no modifications are required to make them fit. These SVE smoked fog lights are DOT compliant and legal for street use. In the box will be a driver side fog light, passenger side fog light, as well as pre-installed halogen bulbs.

SVE’s smoked fog lights are backed by a one year limited warranty which are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. It is recommended that you use a factory style or OEM replacement bulb in these fog lights. Some aftermarket Xenon and HID kits can’t melt the housings which would void the limited warranty.

Installation is a breeze and it does help if you jack up the front of the car for a little more work room.

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

It doesn’t matter which side you start on so just choose aside and remove the lower retaining screw with a 7mm nut driver.

Then remove the two upper retaining screws on top of the fog light assembly.

Once those are removed, disconnect the electrical connection and remove the light.
Transfer the small speed nut from the factory light to the new SVE light.

Remove the plastic film from the SVE light.

Position the light into place and loosely tighten one of the upper retaining screws.

Let the light lean at angle so you can easily reinstall the other upper retaining screw.

Loosely tighten this one as well.

Now you can reinstall and fully tighten the lower screw.

Fully tighten the two upper screws and then plug in the electrical connection.

Reconnect the negative battery cable and test for operation.

Double check your work and you’re all finished.

All in all guys, this install can easily be completed in about thirty minutes and as you can see here on this 2000 Mustang GT, it made a world of difference and even matches the SVE factory tinted headlights that are already in this car.

To see more lighting products from industry leader SVE, go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t already done so. Be sure and pick up a pair of these SVE smoked headlights for your 1999 to 2004 GT or Mach 1 from LMR.com!