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1979-1993 Fox Body Ford Mustang Fluid Capacity

Posted 9/8/2016 by Phillip Perez

Looking for the fluid capacities for your 1979-1993 Mustang? Check out LMR's quick and easy Fox Body fluid capacity guide to get your Mustang maintained!

1979-1993 Ford Mustang Fluid Capacity - 1979-1993 Ford Mustang Fluid Capacity

1979-93 Fox Body Fluid Capacities:

Fox Body Mustang Oil Capacity:
  • 2.3 Non-turbo, All V6 & V8's 5qts with filter change. 10w30 (32+ deg F) 5W30 (below 32 deg F)
  • -Oil filter 2.3, All V6 & V8's, Motorcraft FL1A. V8 w/factory oilcooler, Motorcraft FL300.
  • 2.3 Turbo 5.5qts with filter change. 10w30 (32+deg F) 5W30 (below 32 deg F)
  • -Oil filter 2.3 Turbo, Motorcraft FL300.
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Fox Body Mustang Coolant System Capacity:
  • 2.3 Non-Turbo & V6, Approx. 10qts
  • 5.0 V8, Approx. 14qts
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Fox Body Mustang Transmission Fluid Capacity:
  • T5 Approx 2.8qts Syncromesh Fluid
  • AOD Approx 12 qts (including torque converter) , Approx 5qts (pan and filter service only) ATF Fluid
  • A4LD Approx 9.5 qts (including torque converter), Approx 3qtys (pan and filter service only) ATF Fluid
  • C4 Approx. 11 qts (including torque converter), Approx 5qtys (pan and filter service only) ATF Fluid
  • SROD 4 speed Approx 2 qts 80wt Gear Oil
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1979-93 Fox Body Rear End Fluid Capacity:
  • 7.5'' Differential, Approx 2qts 75w90 for mild climate, 85w140 for high temp climate.
  • 8.8'' Differential, Approx 2qts 75w90 for mild climate, 85w140 for high temp climate, & 4oz of M-19564-A friction modifier for trac lok applications.
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Oil Viscosity Explained

Why do I see a “W” on my engine and gear oil? Simply explained, this means the oil being used is a multi-viscosity application. The ‘W” in motor and gear oil stands for winter. The first number you see is the classification of the cold weather viscosity. The smaller the number is on this first number means the oil being used will be less viscous at lower temps. The second number after the “W” is the high temp viscosity, or how the oil is at operating temps. Once again, the higher the number, the thicker the oil would be. Thicker oil is not always better, depending on the age and wear of the engine, thicker viscosity oil can benefit you. On a brand new engine, this could actually hurt you. Ford and other manufactures have specifications normally listed on the oil cap or in the factory owner’s manual.

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