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Green Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

Created by Jude Horstman / 5 min read
Date Created: 3/16/2020
Last Updated: 1/17/2023

The Green Mustang has been one of the top colors for Mustangs over the years. has made a list of all the iconic colors used from 1979 to current!

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Green Mustang Colors & Paint Codes - Green Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

The Green Mustang has been once of the top colors for Mustangs over the years ranging from Grabber Green to Highland Green to Gotta Have It Green and popular Dark Highland Green that was used on the 2019-20 Bullitt. Check out all of our Green colors from 1979 to current Mustangs below!

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Paint CodePaint NameYears Available
46Dark Jade1979
4EDark Sage1985-86
PADeep Emerald Green1990-92
PMCalypso Green1991-93
NADeep Forest Green1994-97
PSPacific Green1996-98
FUDark Satin Green1998
FUDark Green Satin1999
SWElectric Green1999-02
SUAmazon (Tropic) Green2000-03
RHighland Green2001, 2008-09
P1Legend Lime2005-06
HDGotta Have It Green2013-14
AJNeed For Green2019
B5Dark Highland Green2019-20
IGrabber Lime2020
FAEruption Green2022

Best Shades Of Mustang Green

Calypso Green | 1991-93

This color laster for 3 years from 1991-93 and brought a very similar hue like its predecesor, the Grabber Green Mustang. Having lasted only 3 years on the Fox Body style Mustang, this brought a huge demand to collectors due to its low production amount of only 7,138? units. This blend of green and blue provided such a unique look that is noticeable due to its rare shade.

Green Mustang Colors & Paint Codes - Green Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

Electric Green | 1999-02

Lasting from 1999-02, this pure shade of green was such a staple among the "New Edge" style Mustangs due to its sharp body lines which really brought out the aggressive shade of Electric Green. Providing such a balanced shade between dark and light green hues, this is one of the purest forms of green there is! Electric Green was a great beginning to the New Edge body style and was only 1 of 4 colors that was offered on the 1999 SVT Cobra. Check out our Project Green Bean build which was an electric green 1999 Mustang GT

Green Mustang Colors & Paint Codes - Green Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

Gotta Have It Green | 2013-14

The S197 Mustang lasted 9 years from 2005-2014 and in its final 2 years (2013-2014) it wanted to shake things up by celebrating this generation with the "Gotta Have It Green" color. This tri-coat, highlighter styled paint was an extra cost option, but many took advantage of it due having very few options of green in the S197 generation.

Green Mustang Colors & Paint Codes - Green Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

Need For Green | 2019

Other than the "Guard" color that was offered on the 2015 and 2016 S550 Mustangs, in 2019, Ford decided the bring back the much desired green color by offering "Need For Green". In a way this combines the Mustang highlighter green from the "Gotta Have It Green" and the medium shade of the "Electric Green" to present a much desired color that many didn't know we ever needed.

Green Mustang Colors & Paint Codes - Green Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

Dark Highland Green | 2019-20

This color was very similar to the Highland Color of 1968, 2001, and 2008-09. This was brought back in 2019 and 2020 to commemorate the 1968 Bullitt Mustang color to give the Mustangs of today a classic look that many enthusiasts have been craving for quite some time. This just comes to show how popular the movie "Bullitt" was and its impact on the Mustang community.

Green Mustang Colors & Paint Codes - Green Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

Grabber Lime | 2020

Grabber Lime Green made a comeback in 2020 after last being seen on the 1971 Mustang. Ford has named this "lime green on steriod" and we agree! The more modern and dynamic green pigments bring a fresh bold energy that connect to the younger crowd to really stand out.

grabber lime mustang - grabber lime mustang

Eruption Green | 2022

Eruption Green is an entirely new color for the 2022 Mustang. While there have been a handful of green colors in the last few years, this green seems to be entirely new by going for more of a dark shade. Naturally there have been recent dark green colors like the Dark Highland, but this green incorporates a brighter dark green that really pops in the sun.

eruption green mustang - eruption green mustang

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