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How To Orientate & Splice Wiring Harnesses

Created by Tyler Rodriquez
Last Updated 5/17/2021

If you have received a non-colored wiring harness and need help correctly orientating it, LMR has a step by step guide!

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For some people, getting a new connector in the mail to repair your car can be nerve racking. Electrical repair is not always the easiest task for some. This is not that bad, and I will go over the correct way to do this.

One common issue that comes up from time to time is the new connector you receive is not properly color coded for the vehicle you are working on. This happens all the time now-a-days. The reasoning for this is the connector you have for let’s say your headlight switch, could be the same thing for a door lock actuator on a different car altogether. To help avoid confusion, and keep overall costs down, most manufactures will not make the same connector in 10 different options with the correct color code for each application. If you do come across a connector and you do not have access to your vehicles wiring diagram, install can still be a very simple task.

How To Orientate & Splice Wiring Harnesses - How To Orientate & Splice Wiring Harnesses

First after accessing the harness you intend to repair within your vehicle, take the old existing harness and the new one and hold them next to each other. Make sure that all clips and alignment tabs are all oriented in the same direction before going under the knife. Once you know what way everything should be, make a few notes of the existing color codes of the vehicles harness just in case you must come back to this for any reason. Working in a clockwork pattern I usually start in the upper left corner of the harness, cut each wire one at a time and either solder or use a butt connector to make each connection. To help avoid a large cluster on multiwire connections, staggering each splice can make the install much cleaner overall. If you have a new pigtail with six-inch leads, make each connection roughly one inch apart, this will ensure that if the harness you are working on is in a tight area, that everything will go back as intended. Once you have completed all your connections, seal these off with heat shrink or quality electrical tape.

How To Orientate & Splice Wiring Harnesses - How To Orientate & Splice Wiring Harnesses

I hope this quick tech article has helped you with your install, as always, make sure to check out LMR.com for all things 1979-present Mustang and Lightning.

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