1986 Ford Mustang Factory Style R-134a A/C Conversion - Fox Body - 5.0L by 50resto

Mustang Factory Style R-134a A/C Conversion (1986) 5.0L

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  • 1986 Mustang 5.0L Factory Styl
  • Mustang Factory Style R-134a A/C Conversion (1986) 5.0L
  • Mustang Factory Style R-134a A/C Conversion (1986) 5.0L
  • Mustang Factory Style R-134a A/C Conversion (1986) 5.0L
1986 Mustang 5.0L Factory Styl
  • 1986 Mustang 5.0L Factory Styl
  • Mustang Factory Style R-134a A/C Conversion (1986) 5.0L
  • Mustang Factory Style R-134a A/C Conversion (1986) 5.0L
  • Mustang Factory Style R-134a A/C Conversion (1986) 5.0L

Ensure your 1986 Mustang air conditioning system is performing safely & efficiently with this R134a conversion kit!

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  • Factory Style Components
  • Complete Kit
  • Consistent Cold Air


  • Accepts R134a Refrigerant
  • New Hoses, Condenser, Fittings
  • Re-Manufactured Compressor

What's in the Box

  • (1) Clutch Cycling Switch
  • (1) Compressor with Clutch
  • (1) Condenser
  • (1) Evaporator To Condenser Line
  • (1) Accumulator
  • (1) Compressor Discharge Line
  • (1) Manifold Service Attachment w/ Charging Port
  • (1) Manifold Service Attachment w/ Pressure Release Valve

Product Description

5.0 Resto Factory Style R134a A/C Conversion
Ensure your 1986 Mustang's air conditioning system is functioning properly with this factory style R134a conversion system. The air conditioning system in your 1986 Mustang is nearly 30 years old now. The original hoses and other components are most likely dry rotted or defective. Between the age of your factory A/C system and the hassle of getting R-12 refrigerant, the answer is to convert to R134a refrigerant.

R134a Refrigerant
Converting from R12 to R134a freon is becoming more and more common. Simply because the R134a refrigerant is cheaper, readily available, and can be bought without a license. Unfortunately, when R134a is introduced into a stock R12 system with nothing more than a few new seals and some oil (like the popular R-134a conversion kits you see at the parts store), the A/C system isn't as efficient and vent-outlet temperatures rise. The best way to repair your A/C system and properly convert to R134a is to replace the components that have been using R12 for all of these years.

Complete Conversion Kit
Your factory hoses and other a/c components are most likely rotted or leaking by now. This kit includes new hoses, condenser, and a re-manufactured compressor. This ensures you don't have any components with R12 residue left in the system. The compressor includes the correct fittings and service ports to accept R134a refrigerant/freon.

Installation Note
The compressor ships dry, meaning it has no oil. The compressor needs to be filled with 10oz of PAG 46 oil and 24oz of R134a refrigerant.

Fitment Note
Will only work on Mustangs equipped with A/C from the factory. Dealer installed A/C or non-A/C equipped Mustangs will not work.

-Fits 1986 Ford Mustang 5.0L

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