1993 Mustang Acme Deluxe Panels for Hardtop w/ Power Windows Opal Gray by Acme Auto

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Acme Mustang Deluxe Panels for Hardtop w/ Power Windows Opal Gray (1993)

Do yourself a favor and pick up a set of these brand new, fully assembled, deluxe door panels.

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  • Replaces Worn Out Door Panels
  • No Assembly Required


  • Includes Inner Door Belt Weatherstrip, Speaker Grilles & Map Pockets

What's in the Box

  • (1) Driver Side Door Panel
  • (1) Passenger Side Door Panel=

Made in the USA

Product Description

Deluxe Mustang Door Panels
This pair of fully assembled Mustang door panels includes new inner door belt weatherstrips, door lock knob grommets, speakers grilles and map pockets. No assembly required, all you have to do is take them out of the box and install them on your Mustang using door panel clips.

- 90-93 style, but will also fit 87-89
- Fits Mustang hatchback and coupe
- For Mustangs with power windows only

Door Panels = Key Interior Component
As far as Mustang interiors go there are only a few components that you will see or touch on a regular basis: carpet, seats, dash/console, and door panels. Out of this list door panels get overlooked probably more than anything else, but when you consider how your Mustang's door panel affects your overall driving experience you start to wonder why. During normal driving your left arm will rest on the arm rest that is secured to the door panel. Not only is the arm rest a handy place to set your elbow, but it also houses your window and door lock switches considering that your Mustang has power windows and locks.

The door panel is not just there for convenience, it also serves an important purpose: blocking out excessive road noise that comes from the door cavity. Door cavities are a breeding ground for squeaks, rattles, knocks, and other annoying sounds. If your Mustang's door panel is ill fitting, not properly installed, damaged or missing these sounds will find their way into your interior and eventually drive you nuts! Replace your worn Mustang door panels for a complete restoration of your Fox Body! Install them with the brand new door panel clips and drive your Mustang in peace! Your ears will thank you!

Installation Note
- Door panels are shipped without holes cut in the vinyl for the arm rest, window regulator, switches or door handle. Precut holes are cut into the backer board for these accessories. When cutting the vinyl, remove as little vinyl material as needed to gain the proper clearance on the door itself. Cutting the vinyl to match the holes in the backing board can result unsatisfactory finish. Pictures are for reference only.

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    1 of 2 REVIEWS

    5 Stars   Worth the extra money.
    By on 8/8/2016

    These just arrived, they are packaged well by TMI and the color is an exact match to TMI "OPAL GRAY" leather seat covers..

    After reviewing my options of just re-dying the original door panels along with adding new weather stripping and lower map pockets the cost was about a wash when you factor in paint, supplies and your time to re-dye and repair the factory panels. TMI panels do come with new "black" door panel push pins which match the factory ones that FORD installed.

    The only down side that I can see is that the panels aren't going to match the hard plastic interior panels or the dash area (sun fading). I'm hoping TMI uses the same PPG color pigment that LMR sells in spray paint cans.

    Hopefully LMR can confirm this.

    Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

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    2 Stars   Not even close
    By on 12/18/2016
    I have 93 Cobra and waited over a month for these to ship. The color is not OPAL and the construction is borderline garbage. I will be returning these as soon as possible.

    The backing is mostly thick paper and will disintegrate very quickly - think thick cereal box. The map pocket is attached unlike the factory and doesn't conform to the door padding the way the stock one does. The stock doors use metal plates for rigidity while these use plastic. The stock doors use MDF while these use paper.

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