1986-93 Mustang SVE 130 Amp Alternator Full Upgrade Kit 5.0/5.8 by SVE Products ®

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Details   |   Videos   |   Reviews
1986-93 Mustang SVE 130 Amp Alternator Full Upgrade Kit 5.0/5.8
1986-93 Mustang SVE 130 Amp Alternator Full Upgrade Kit 5.0/5.8
1986-93 Mustang SVE 130 Amp Alternator Full Upgrade Kit 5.0/5.8
1986-93 Mustang SVE 130 Amp Alternator Full Upgrade Kit 5.0/5.8
1986-93 Mustang SVE 130 Amp Alternator Full Upgrade Kit 5.0/5.8
1986-93 Mustang SVE 130 Amp Alternator Full Upgrade Kit 5.0/5.8
Mustang Alternator Install - SVE 130 Amp (86-93 Fox Body)

Upgrade the charging system on your 86-93 Fox Mustang with the SVE 130 Amp Alternator Upgrade Kit.

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  • Replaces Weak Factory Alternator
  • Increased Amperage Output
  • Internally Regulated
  • SVE Quality


  • Satin Finish
  • 200 AMP Fuse
  • 2.55-Inch Pulley
  • 4 GA Power Cable

 What's in the Box

  • (1) 130 Amp Alternator
  • (1) Voltage Regulator Plug
  • (1) Stator Plug
  • (1) Attaching Bolt
  • (1) Attaching Nut
  • (1) Power Wire Upgrade
  • (3) Butt crimp connectors

SVE 130 Amp Alternator Upgrade Kit

This SVE 130 amp alternator upgrade kit gives your 1986-1993 Foxbody Mustang more charging power for your accessories! 1986-1993 Mustang stock alternators suffer from small wiring and low output. Add underdrive pulleys and run your accessories such as headlights, A/C, or the heat and you'll likely see the lights dim and the battery gauge drop. Throw an electric cooling fan into the mix and the stock alternator simply can't keep up. This kit includes a new complete power wire to supply your accessories with the right amount of power!

Increased Amperage

Our 130amp SVE alternator is 100% brand new, no core charge, and carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This alternator is from the internally regulated 3G series, includes the correct pulley (installed), and produces 75-100 amps at idle when used with the stock crank pulley and the installed alternator pulley. The idle output of the SVE alternator meets or exceeds the peak output of the stock alternator! The SVE alternator is rated at 130 amps continuous output but is capable of producing 160+ amps at peak. A dyno sheet, specific to every alternator, is included with every alternator to verify these stats.

4 Gauge 3G Power Wire Kit

This is a complete kit to upgrade the main power feed wire from the alternator to the vehicle on most Fords. The OEM wire from the alternator to the vehicle was not designed to carry the added load of higher amp alternators. Using this large (#4 Gauge) wire kit will add the safe carrying capacity needed for lengths up to 10 feet. When using our high output alternators, you MUST upgrade this cable to retain warranty coverage. It also includes noise suppression.

Alternator Max RPM
The maximum Alternator shaft RPM is 16,000 RPM. This RPM is calculated by taking the crank pulled diameter and dividing it by the alternator pulley diameter. Then multiply it by the max engine RPM.

Underdrive Pulley Note
Charging performance is tested with stock size accessory drive pulleys. Underdrive pulleys will lower the alternator RPM thus preventing optimal charging at engine base idle speed.

SVE Products Limited Warranty - Click Here

  • Ford Mustang - 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993
  • Engines: 5.0, 5.8

Fitment Notes:

  • Being slightly larger than most other Ford units, minor bracket clearance/modification will be necessary.
  • Output will decrease when used with underdrive pulleys by up to 30%.
  • The SVE 130 amp alternator kit includes a new OE type attaching bolt and nut, voltage regulator plug, stator plug, and 4 Gauge Power Wire Upgrade with Circuit Protection and Noise Suppression.

Mustang Alternator Install - SVE 130 Amp (86-93 Fox Body)

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