1994-04 Ford Mustang SVE Caster Camber Plates by SVE

Mustang SVE Caster Camber Plates (94-04)

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  • SVE Mustang Caster Camber Plates (94-04)
  • SVE Mustang Caster Camber Plates (94-04)
  • SVE Mustang Caster Camber Plates (94-04)
SVE Mustang Caster Camber Plates (94-04)
  • SVE Mustang Caster Camber Plates (94-04)
  • SVE Mustang Caster Camber Plates (94-04)
  • SVE Mustang Caster Camber Plates (94-04)

Pick up a set of these SVE Caster Camber Plates for your 1994-2004 Ford Mustang to align your caster and camber after lowering it!

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  • Increases Caster By Up to 2 Degrees
  • Replaceable Bearing
  • Clears All Hoods & Factory Strut Tower Braces
  • Improves Handling
  • Improves Tire Wear On Lowered Cars


  • Independent Caster & Camber Adjustment
  • Direct Bolt On
  • Improved High Strength Steel Plates

What's in the Box

  • (2) Caster Camber Plates
  • All Installation Hardware
  • Detailed Instructions

Made in the USA

Product Description

High Quality Construction
These SVE caster/camber plates are constructed of 1/4" high strength grade 50 steel to give you a 30% stronger setup over the old regular steel plates and are powder coated black for maximum corrosion protection. These improved caster plates feature a precision spherical bearing with stong chrome-moly alloy steel race that features a replaceable lubrication free teflon lined bearing. Each plate is TIG welded and powder-coated for long life durability.

Camber adjustments are easily made with a 2 slot adjustment helping to take the guess work out camber adjustments. Caster adjustments are easily adjusted by providing slide adjustments along the plate.

Fine Tune Your Alignment
After installing lowering springs on your Mustang, you are going to have to get it aligned to prevent uneven tire wear. These SVE caster/camber plates allow you to easily adjust caster and camber settings to get your alignment within specs. With these plates, you can get your Mustang handling better, responding better in the corners, and give you better straight line stability.

- Fits 1994-2004 Ford Mustangs

SVE Products Limited Warranty - Click Here

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    9 of 10 REVIEWS

    1 Stars   Not good enough.
    By on 8/20/2015
    First I'll start off with saying the instructions that come with these plates are terrible, to put it lightly. Took the plates and the instructions to an alignment shop and couldn't get a proper alignment due to their vagueness. I read them over and twice they refer to figures that aren't included. I ended up emailing latemodelrestoration and got a not so helpful answer. I called the next business day and got somewhat helpful advice, they told me to look at the instructions for other camber plates. I did so and went back to the alignment shop and they were able to do a better job but the plates maxed at -2.3 degrees of camber, I needed at most -1.1 degrees. Very disappointed with these plates, they seem sturdy and look nice but aren't very good at what they're suppose to do.
    From LMR.com: Raul

    We are very sorry about the issue. We used your review to investigate the instructions. If you notice we did "redo" the instructions since your review. Thank you for voicing your concern on this - you helped us greatly improve this product and its instructions. We absolutely regret that you had to make another trip to the alignment shop. We have since sent you an email to see what we can do to help you remedy this situation.
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    5 Stars   Perfect Fit/Easy Installation LMR.com Expert Review!
    By on 6/27/2016
    Picked up these SVE caster camber plates along with the SVE lowering springs to correct the alignment. The plates are high quality and the black powdercoat makes for a great look in the engine bay! Installation was pretty straight forward with the included instructions and the installation article on the product page. The car is now lowered and aligned within factory specs!

    Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

    Was this review helpful to you?

    3 Stars   Needs Diagrams otherwise you take a shot in the DARK
    By on 8/15/2015
    Purchased these for my lowered mustang but was completely lost without instructions. But looking at other diagrams I was able to just get it done. Strut rubber stopper, dust cover, big spacer, 2 medium spacer, place through camber plate and 2 short spacers on top, then alignment shop. Haven't had any problems after the install.

    Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

    Was this review helpful to you?

    5 Stars   You Need These! LMR.com Expert Review!
    By on 8/15/2016
    The SVE caster camber plates were a perfect addition for my wife's lowered 2000 Mustang GT. I installed these along with brand new Koni Oranges and Steeda lowering springs. Installation was very straightforward thanks to the detailed instructions. Since I pretty much did a complete front end overhaul, I would allow yourself roughly an hour to an hour and half per side. This can be done at home in your own garage with very little tools. Of course, once you get these installed, run it down to your local alignment shop to get the car aligned.

    Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

    Was this review helpful to you?

    2 Stars   Good for camber/caster
    By on 1/5/2017
    Bought & installed about 3 months ago for my lowered 2000 Mustang GT. Far as alignment goes, brought it all in to specs. Quality of part seems good. I called for assistance during installation because it has you remove all factory bushings/covers/plates etc. Well it never said to put the old bushings back in, cust assist said you do not put the factory bushings & dust cover back in. So that being said, when you hit a bump the shock now bottoms out and sounds like its going through the fender/hood because there is no bushing, just the bearing.
    So, if all your needing is to get it aligned and that's it, this product will work but get ready to replace your shocks. And tires because they are cupped out.
    Also video shows coil overs, not regular shocks.

    Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

    Was this review helpful to you?

    5 Stars   Look, feel & function perfectly
    By on 9/28/2016
    These went on with no issues at all for my daily driver 97gt. Nice heavy duty feel right out of the box and looks great under the hood. Came with all hardware and the install video helped a ton. I did pair these with a new set of the lowering springs from SVE also and finished the swap over the weekend. rides great and looks even better!!!! If your're lowering your Mustang, these are a no brainer.

    Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

    Was this review helpful to you?

    2 Stars   Nice and sturdy but Silly instuctions
    By on 8/13/2015
    The plates themselves seem very sturdy . Nice and heavy look great. The institutions are severely lacking. Its almost like the copy and pasted without pictures from several other sets of plates. The instructions reference Photos that are not there, notches on the plates also not there and steeda . So in all very confusing instructions but Solid built plates
    From LMR.com: David

    Thank you for this review. We have since improved our instructions. We are very sorry if this caused you any complications in your install. Your feedback has greatly improved this product and its instructions!
    Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

    Was this review helpful to you?

    5 Stars   Great Fit & Instructions
    By on 6/29/2016
    Image uploaded by Neal J. These are perfect for getting your Mustangs suspension back in to specs after lowering it. Installation takes a bit of time but the instructions help with showing the correct orientation of the plates. Highly recommended if you need to correct your camber and/or caster!

    Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

    Was this review helpful to you?

    5 Stars   these camber plates are magic
    By on 5/31/2016
    Glad I added these

    Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

    Was this review helpful to you?

    4 Stars   Very Nice Plates!!
    By on 3/20/2017
    Image uploaded by Marc L. Been needing caster/camber plates for my Cobra for over 15 years!! No lie, I just put it off for so long cause I was afraid of drilling that extra hole and the installation for the 4 bolt ones.

    Saw these with the 3 bolts, they looked good and for a great price so decided on them. Installation was easy with the updated instructions, couldn't reuse my factory dust boot without trimming it someway. So just installed without it.

    Only thing I didn't like was that my aftermarket strut tower brace wouldn't fit, had to grind the brace bracket quite a bit to get it to fit. Everything else about it is great!!

    Yes, I would recommend this item to a friend!

    Was this review helpful to you?

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