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2003-04 Cobra Superchargers, Turbos, Pulleys, Belts, & More

Are you ready to boost the power of your 2003-04 Cobra? Bolt on a new supercharger, pulley and belt, or Turbocharger for a huge increase in performance! Upgrading your supercharger to your 2003-04 Cobra is the best way to get the most power out of your 4v motor. The Whipple supercharger upgrade allows you to make serious horsepower while giving you a sleek new look under your hood. Want to upgrade pullies? Get more boost by simply bolting on one of our many BilletFlow supercharger pullies! Finish it off with a new supercharger belt to keep everything tight and in working order. Turbochargers more your style? Hellion offers a powerful Twin-Turbo set up to boost your Cobra past the Competition!

2003-04 Cobra Power Adders

2003-04 Cobra Power Adder Accessories

2003-04 Cobra Supercharger Pulleys

2003-04 Cobra Supercharger Belts and Tensioners