1981-1988 Mustang T-Top Specs & Info

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The T-Top was popular for muscle and sports cars during the 80s. The third-generation Mustang, also known as the Fox Body Mustang, was introduced in 1979, and it quickly became a popular car among enthusiasts. With the introduction of the Fox Body Mustang in 1979, there was not a t-top, convertible, or sunroof option yet option. In 1981, Ford introduced the T-Top option for the Mustang. This design was inspired by the Chevrolet Corvette, which had offered a T-Top option since 1968. The T-Top Mustang featured two removable glass panels that could be stored in the trunk. The T-Top design was a hit among Mustang fans, and it quickly became a popular option for the car.
The T-Top Mustang received a number of updates throughout its production run. In 1982, the car received a new grille design, and the GT model received a new hood scoop. In 1983, Ford introduced the Mustang convertible, which was based on the coupe model. In 1984, the car received a new dashboard design, and the GT model received a new front air dam. In 1986, Ford introduced a new fuel-injected 5.0-liter V8 engine, which increased the car's horsepower to 200.
In 1988, Ford discontinued the T-Top Mustang, while the convertible and sunroof-equipped Mustangs continued to be built. However, the T-Top Mustang remains a popular car among collectors and enthusiasts, and it is still seen on the roads today.

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Since the T-top Mustang was a modified version of the original hardtop Mustang, some people are unaware of some interesting facts and specs. Below are some specs and facts specific to the T-top Mustang! 

T-Top Option Cost

The T-top was an option that was fairly expensive. In 1982 the option was $1,021.00 and rose to $1,798.00 by the end of the production. By contrast, the sunroof option was only $355.00 option. This made T-top equipped cars just a little less expensive than the range-topping convertible Mustangs! 

Production Numbers & Models 

  • The Ford Mustang and Mercury Capri were available as a t-top. 
  • Both the coupe and hatchback were available with the T-top option.
  • On average, more t-top models were produced than convertible models. 
  • 1988 T-top Mustang production numbers are harder to trace. Some say they are leftover 1987 models, while other sources say that they are true 1988 models. 

Year ModelCapri Product NumbersMustang Production Numbers
1987 7,314
1988 800 (est)
Total17,44196,412 (est)
These numbers are estimates. - Sessler, Peter C. Ford Mustang Red Book, 1964 1/2-2015: Specifications, Options, Production Numbers, Data Codes, and More. Motorbooks, 2015.

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With the modification to the roof, there are many parts and options that are specific to the T-top Mustang.
  • The obvious differences are the specific weatherstrip for the t-top, doors, and windows.
  • There is also specialized headliners designed for the t-top equipped Mustangs
  • Hatchback T-top equipped cars had straps in the hatch area that were designed to secure the t-top panels when there were not installed onto the roof of the car. Over the years, these usually have become missing but they are something that is specific to the T-top Mustang hatchback. 
  • T-top Mustangs came with storage bags for the top panels for storage when they were not installed onto the roof. 

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