1979-1986 Fox Body Mustang Center Console Parts

Restore your 1979-1986 Fox Body Mustang center console with high-quality parts from!

Upgrade or restore the center console in your 1979-1986 with high-quality restoration parts from Whether you need to replace a center console armrest, center console trim, or a shifter bezel, LMR has just about every part you need to restore your 1979-1986 Fox Body Mustang center console. We also carry a great selection of shift knobs to give the perfect finishing touch to your newly restored center console. Don’t forget to pick up new hardware to make installing your new console components much easier.
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1979-1986 Mustang Center Console Armrest

1979-1986 Mustang Center Console Trim

1979-1986 Mustang Center Console Shifter

1979-1986 Mustang Center Console Shift Knobs

1979-1986 Mustang Center Console Ashtray

1979-1986 Mustang Center Console Hardware

What Parts Are Needed For A 1979-86 Fox Body Mustang Center Console?

Center Console - The center console in the 1979-1986 Mustang is currently not available in the aftermarket, but LMR has everything you need to complete your restoration. If you are able to restore your old console or locate a lightly used console, you can use our wide selection of Fox Body interior paint to restore your console back to its original glory.

Console Arm Rest Pad - The armrest pad in 1979-1986 Mustangs see a lot of abuse from normal wear and tear to countless years sitting in the sun. Over the years, these armrest pads fade, fall apart, and become worn out. Pick up a color-matched console armrest pad to easily restore your Fox Body interior. Want an upgrade? Choose from a black or dark gray Classic Center Console armrest pad to get a built-in cup holder.

Console Repair Kits - The center console on the early Fox Body Mustangs are known for falling apart. LMR offers complete console latch repair kits, armrest hing kits, hinge reinforcement kits, and all of the necessary replacement parts to restore your center console.

Coin Tray - The coin tray in your 79-93 Mustang is another area that takes a lot of abuse from coins, keys, and other items being thrown into it for years. LMR offers a complete replacement coin tray with a seal to help restore your center console and give you a great new look in your interior.

Shifter Bezels/Boots - The shifter bezel, upper shifter boot and lower shift boot all see plenty of wear and tear over the years. Due to the plastic, rubber, and leather components, these parts tear, fade, and deteriorate with decades of exposure to the sun. LMR has everything you need to restore your 1979-86 Mustang shifter components.

Ashtray Components - Don’t forget about your ashtray receptacles and cigarette lighter assembly. While they may not be used as much as they were in the 80s, they are an essential part of an interior restoration.

Hardware - Lastly, you will want to make sure that you have all of the necessary hardware needed to get all of your components installed. At LMR, we are proud to offer period correct hardware to ensure your restoration looks as factory as possible.