Ford Racing Cobra Jet Mustang: The Modern Day Drag Racing Legend

Posted 12/13/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

The modern day Ford Racing Mustang Cobra Jet program has been growing strong. Check out videos and pictures of the history of the Cobra Jet Program.

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UPDATE: Ford Racing Cobra Jet Gets The Green Light 10/30/12

Our friends over at had the breaking news coverage on this - Ford Racing Releases Twin Turbo Cobra Jet Concept. I know this is breaking news and this car is still a concept at this point but all I can say is AMAZING! The concept is built off the highly capable and race proven current Cobra Jet platform. Ford Racing took off the super charger and decided to throw on a set of Borg Warner turbos. Mix that with the built Coyote motor and I’m sure this Mustang puts down some amazing power. Check out the video and the article for more information. Be sure to share your thoughts on this new Ford Racing concept Mustang.

“When a new generation of Cobra Jets arrived four decades later, they immediately began winning with a modern, fuel-injected 5.4-liter V8 topped with a belt-driven supercharger,” recalls Jesse Kershaw, Ford drag racing competition manager. “Over the past four years, the Cobra Jet has gone on to become both a fan and competitor favorite, the most successful late-model vehicle in drag racing.”

Mark Gearhart: SEMA 2012: Ford Racing Releases Twin Turbo Cobra Jet Concept

Ford Racing Cobra Jet Mustang: The Modern Day Drag Racing Legend - Twin Turbo Cobra Jet Mustang Ford Racing Cobra Jet Mustang: The Modern Day Drag Racing Legend - Twin Turbo Cobra Jet Mustang Ford Racing Cobra Jet Mustang: The Modern Day Drag Racing Legend - Twin Turbo Cobra Jet Mustang Ford Racing Cobra Jet Mustang: The Modern Day Drag Racing Legend - Twin Turbo Cobra Jet Mustang

UPDATE: Ford Racing Cobra Jet Gets The Green Light 6/15/09

Milan, Mich. — The 40th Anniversary 2008 Mustang Cobra Jet more than lived up to its billing, joining its historic predecessor—the original 1968 Cobra Jet in winning its inaugural race at the NHRA Winter nationals in Pomona, Calif. Now, Ford Racing is ready to update the latest Cobra Jet, and is announcing plans to build a 2010 version of the CJ. The announcement was officially made today at the National Mustang Racing Association event in Milan.

A little more than a year ago, Ford Racing announced plans to build a modern edition of the Cobra Jet. The limited run of 50 cars sold in less than two weeks, even before the first car was built. Once again Ford Racing will produce a limited run of 50 2010 Mustang CJs, the minimum number that must be produced in order to receive clearance from NHRA for competition.

Exact specifications are being finalized, but the initial plan is for the '10 Cobra Jet to have a 425-hp 5.4-liter supercharged engine from the Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog, but with an option to upgrade to an estimated 475-hp aluminum block engine. Likewise the 6-speed manual transmission that was available in the ’08 Cobra Jet will be standard, but an option to upgrade to 5-speed Liberty manual transmission or a race prepped automatic transmission will be available. Other '10 Mustang Cobra Jet upgrades include an 8.50et NHRA certified roll cage and lightweight racing brakes.

“I’ve said from my first day in this job that I wanted Ford Racing to continue to be a ‘racer-friendly’ organization,” said Wolfe. “That’s why we take great pride in being one of only two car companies worldwide that builds ready-to-race cars and sells them as part of our performance parts offerings.”

Component testing is underway and base pricing will be less than $75,000. Production is expected to begin during the fourth quarter with delivery expected in early 2010. Sportsmen racers interested in placing a pre-order for the '10 Cobra Jet should contact their local Ford Dealership.

Here is a video on the history of the Ford Racing Cobra Jet Mustang...


About the Video

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Concept Goes Twin-Turbo

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Published on 2013-11-27
Cobra Jet concept adopts turbocharging technology from production EcoBoost® engines in the quest for ever more performance
• Since its 2008 debut, the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet has been the most successful production-based drag racer
• Ford Racing engineers have continuously improved and evolved the Cobra Jet to keep it at the head of its class

Part of the Cobra Jet program is that we want continual evolution. We want continual improvement. It was natural for us to say, let's experiment and see what can happen if we take this turbocharger technology that we are such experts in, and apply it to the drag racing technology of Cobra Jet that we're an expert in on the race track.

The thought is why don't we go and showcase a project or a concept of a 5 meter twin-turbo in the next generation Cobra Jet.


The company is kind of embraced turbo charging technology. A lot of the engineers in the mainstream community are working with that technology so we have a lot of knowledge, so we though, why not apply all that knowledge and put it on the Cobra Jet Mustang.


One of the things that's neat about these turbos is that they're very similar to the production based turbos. We work closely with our production partner, BorgWarner, on these turbos and it was, it's important to us, and it goes in line with the rules for the class that we run in here to have a turbo that is production based.


With numerous national event wins, numerous divisional wins, class records, national records, it's easy for us to hang our hat on the fact that the Cobra Jet has been the most successful late model vehicle in drag racing over the last four years.



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