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Mustang Performance Brake Fluids

Hard braking from road racing & auto crossing your 1979-15 Mustang requires performance brake fluids. LMR's Brake Fluid is better than normal DOT3 Fluid!

Latemodel Restoration's Motul Racing brake fluid and Motorcraft high performance brake fluid have a higher boiling point than normal DOT3 replacement brake fluid. This will keep your Mustang's brake system operating safely through every turn and help reduce brake fade.

Mustang Performance Brake Fluid

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Mustang Performance Brake Fluids Tech Info

If you road race your Mustang, you should be using a performance brake fluid. This fluid has a higher boiling point than normal Dot 3 brake fluid reducing brake fade and giving you the edge over the competition. Choose from Motul or Motorcraft fluids to add to the safety of your fox body.