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Mustang Brake Fluid

Hard braking from road racing & auto crossing your Mustang requires performance brake fluids, all available from LMR.com!

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Mustang Brake Fluid Tech Guides

LateModel Restoration always has the best available installation videos and tech guides to help you finish any project. Please view the following guides and videos to help you learn how to bleed your brake fluid on everything from your Fox Body Mustang to your S550 Mustang.

How To Bleed Mustang Brakes

Whether you want to remove air or flush the system, LMR has the means to show you how to bleed your Mustang's brakes with these simple steps! more

How To Set Adjustable Proportioning Valve

Since the introduction of the Fox Mustang, owners have always wanted upgraded brake setups. When incorporating a rear disc conversion, fine-tuning is needed for the rear brake bias. This is where an adjustable proportioning valve comes into place. more

Mustang Brake Fluids

Late Model Restoration offers high-performance brake fluids from the most popular brands on the market. These performance-based Mustang brake fluids have a higher boiling point than normal DOT3 replacement brake fluid. This will keep your Mustang's brake system operating safely through every turn and help reduce brake fade even under the most extreme racing conditions.

If you road race or autocross your Mustang, you should use a performance brake fluid. This fluid has a higher boiling point than standard Dot 3 brake fluid. This helps in reducing brake fade and giving you the edge over the competition.