SVE Mustang Aluminum Radiator Install (97-04 4.6L)

Posted 12/16/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch as I walk you through how to install an SVE aluminum radiator in your 97-04 4.6L Mustang.

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How To Install Mustang Aluminum Radiator - SVE (97-04)

The perfect upgrade for any performance SN95 or New Edge Mustang! Installation is super easy and will have your Stang ready for those performance mods and hot summer days!! If you have been considering an upgrade for you SN95 Mustang’s cooling system, the SVE Radiator is a great buy! I opted to replace the puny factory radiator on my 2004 New Edge Mustang GT and went with the SVE-8005D 97-04 4.6L Mustang Aluminum Radiator. I was very surprised at how well the radiator fit. The cooling system gets nearly an extra gallon of capacity with this new radiator and best of all it fits both manual and automatic transmissions. See below for the full list of Mustangs it fits. Read along and let me show you how to install this SVE aluminum radiator.


  • 1997-2004 GT
  • 1997-2001 Cobra
  • 2001 Bullitt
  • 2003-2004 Mach 1


  • Plenty of coolant
  • large catch can for coolant
  • tool box with metric sockets
  • Lift or Jack Stands
  • Common Hand Tools

Installation Instructions

  1. Pop the hood and loosen the cap on the overflow tank to release any pressure that may be in the cooling system. Make sure the car is cool or has been off for several minutes. Then support the car via a lif or jack stands.

  2. SVE Mustang Aluminum Radiator Install

  3. Position a bucket or drain pan underneath the drain plug on the radiator. Carefully loosen the drain plug with a 19mm socket. allow coolant to drain into a bucket or a pan until it slows to a drip, then re-tighten the drain plug. Take this time to clean the area.

  4. SVE Mustang Aluminum Radiator Install

  5. Position the drain bucket underneath the lower raidiator hose. Slide back the hose clamp and carefully pry off the hose. Let the coolant drain into the bucket. Slide back the hose clamp located on the bottom side of the overflow tank. Go ahead and remove the hose.

  6. SVE Mustang Aluminum Radiator Install

  7. Remove the pushpin securing the radiator cover to the core support and header panel. Set the cover aside. Slide back the hose clamp on the upper radiator hose. Remove the hose, stuff it with a rag, and go ahead and position it out of the way.

  8. SVE Mustang Aluminum Radiator Install

  9. Remove the two 8mm retaining bolts that secure the radiator bracket to the core support. Set the brackets aside. Then remove the three 10mm bolts securing the overflow tank.

  10. SVE Mustang Aluminum Radiator Install

  11. Slide back the small clamp on the overflow hose and then remove the hose from the nipple on the radiator. Disconnect the low coolant sensor and then remove the overflow tank.

  12. SVE Mustang Aluminum Radiator Install

  13. Locate the harness clip retainers on the fan shroud. Use a pushpin removal tool to remove them from the shroud. Then use a small flathead screwdriver to depress the clip and remove the electrical connection.

  14. SVE Mustang Aluminum Radiator Install

  15. Now remove the two fan shroud retaining bolts. There is one per side. To remove the fan shroud, lift up from the drivers side at an angle.

  16. SVE Mustang Aluminum Radiator Install

  17. If your Mustang has an automatic transmission, remove the upper and lower cooler lines with a line wrench. The top line is 13mm and the bottom line is 12mm. Carefully pull out the lines and have a rag ready to catch any liquid that may seep out.

  18. SVE Mustang Aluminum Radiator Install

  19. Stuff some rags in the inlet and outlet ports on the radiator and then remove it from the car. Take this time to thoroughly clean your overflow tank. A combination of brake clean and soapy water and some compressed air will do the trick!

  20. SVE Mustang Aluminum Radiator Install

  21. Position the new radiator in place. Be mindful of the ABS and AC hardlines. Once the radiator is fully seated use a long extension or a flathead to CAREFULLY pry the ABS line towards the module. This will allow clearance for the Fan assembly.

  22. SVE Mustang Aluminum Radiator Install

  23. Once there is enough clearance, position the fan assembly into place. Re-install and re-tighten the retaining hardware. Reinstall the electrical connection and harness clips.

  24. SVE Mustang Aluminum Radiator Install

  25. If you have an automatic transmission make sure the cooler lines fittings are parallel with the radiator and then carefully re-tighten. Re-install both radiator brackets.

  26. SVE Mustang Aluminum Radiator Install

  27. Reposition the overflow tank and the bottom hose. Reconnect the low coolant sensor and slide the overflow hose onto the SVE radiator. Reposition the small hose clamp.

  28. SVE Mustang Aluminum Radiator Install

  29. Retighten the overflow tank retaining hardware. Remove the rage from the upper radiator hose and position it onto the new radiator. Re-position the hose clamp on the upper radiator hose.

  30. SVE Mustang Aluminum Radiator Install

  31. Go ahead and reposition the lower radiator hose and the hose on the bottom of the overflow tank. Fill the overflow tank with fresh coolant. To help bleed the system, squeeze the upper radiator hose several times. Start the Mustang and add any additional coolant that is needed. Double check everything and then you're all finished.

  32. SVE Mustang Aluminum Radiator Install

This installation took around an hour to do in my garage. The radiator holds roughly an extra gallon of fluid and nearly half the price of its competitors. The construction on it was nice as well; the all-aluminum construction gets rid of the plastic tanks that come on the GT and Mach 1 radiators.

When Installing don't forget the Royal Purple Purple Ice (RP-12600) additive, the aluminum Coolant Expanision Tank and the replacement hose kits for the extra cooling piece of mind.

SVE Radiator (97-04)

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