Best Weight Reduction For S550 Mustang

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Date Created: 1/5/2021
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Check out LMR's Best Weight Reduction For S550 Mustang Guide! These optimizations will help clear up some unneeded weight on your 2015-2023 Mustang.

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Best Weight Reduction For S550 Mustang - Best Weight Reduction For S550 Mustang

The 2015 S550 Mustang GT weight comes in at 3,704 lbs. This is equipped with the MT-82, 6-spd Transmission. 3,727 lbs are the advertised S550 curb weight with the automatic 6r80 transmission. These cars are not sporty little guys like the 1989 Mustang 5.0 Coupe which tipped the scales at 3,080 lbs.

Our beloved S550 “pony car” has grown by over 600 lbs in the last 30+ years! That isn’t to say that by today’s standards that these are heavy cars.

When compared to the Dodge Charger and Challenger which weigh in up to 4,586 lbs and 4,429 lbs. respectfully, the S550 Mustang sure looks like a jockey on the back of his racehorse! Not all S550 mustangs tip the scale under 4,000 pounds. Take a gander at the new 2020 powerhouse, the flagship GT500.

According to Ford, SVT’s pony weighs in at a cool 4,225 lbs. That is one hefty steed! We did, however, put our in-house scales to the test with a non-Carbon pkg GT500 and she surprised us at 3,980 lbs! On the other side of the river, the ol’ battery mate, the Chevrolet Camaro can weigh up to 4,120 lbs.

Not only are the horsepower wars from the 60s back in full swing, but it seems that the weight wars followed right behind… and not in a good way.

This article will explore some of the best mustang S550 weight reduction changes to put your 2015-2023 Mustang on a diet to lose some of that unwanted chub!

Best Weight Reduction For S550 Mustang - Best Weight Reduction For S550 Mustang

First S550 Mustang Weight Reduction Mods

Exhaust resonator, aka “suitcase” | 15 lbs

Replacing it with a resonator delete like our SVE version will save you 15 lbs! This should be the very first mod on 5.0L Coyote powered S550 because not only are you saving weight but it definitely will wake up the exhaust note to a more throaty muscle car sound that we are used to!

OEM Rear Seat | 30.8 lbs

Removing the rear seat is definitely a race-inspired move. Rear seat delete kits do not weigh much so you will still get a decent weight loss for your S550!

OE Seats | 50 lbs

Replace your OE seats with Corbeau Racing seats (if not equipped with Recaro Seats). These seats weigh around 25 lbs with their bracket so this is a good chunk of weight!

Two-Piece Driveshaft | Auto: 29 lbs – Manual: 36.2 lbs

Aluminum one-piece Driveshafts can be as light as 18 lbs. Like the resonator, swapping out the driveshaft has more than one benefit! Not only will it lighten the car, but it will reduce rotating mass to help transfer power to the ground!

Cat-back Exhaust | 72 lbs

Aftermarket Cat-Back Exhausts can range from 38-65 lbs. Remove the restrictive, heavy cat-back to reduced weight and added power and sound!

Best Weight Reduction For S550 Mustang - Best Weight Reduction For S550 Mustang

Larger S550 Mustang Weight Reduction Mods

Change OEM Wheels

Aftermarket wheel options can save a decent amount of weight! Here is a list of OE wheel weights (they can be quite heavy):

  • OEM GT Performance Pack Front 9" Wheel | 32.5 lbs
  • OEM GT Performance Pack Rear 9.5" Wheel | 32.4 lbs
  • OEM Premium 20x9 Foundry Wheel | 35.7 lbs
  • OEM Base 18" GT Wheel w/ Tire | 54.5 lbs

An example would be changing to our SVE SP2 wheels! Each wheel is less than 25 lbs so you can save from 7-10 lbs a wheel!

Going for a drag set up can save even more weight! LMR’s SVE Drag Comp wheels are 20.36 lbs up front and 22.41 lbs in the rear!

OEM K-Member "Front Subframe" | 58.2 lbs

Swapping to a BMR K-member, weighing in at 28.5 lbs, can save almost 30 lbs from the front end of your car! This is paramount for the drag racer, road course enthusiast, or the street-driven S550. Lightening the front end will help encourage the weight distribution to get as close to 50/50 as possible.

OEM Engine Mounts | 7.8 lbs/pair

Going with BMR’s adjustable mounts weigh 3.8 lbs/pair. Do not forget the small parts. These will add up in the long run when putting the 2015-2023 Mustang on the well-needed diet!

OEM Hood | 31-36 lbs

Fiberglass hoods for the S550 tend to be around 40 lbs or more so this is not a good option to reduce weight. A Carbon Fiber hood can be anywhere from 17-30 lbs so this will be the better (but pricier) option.

Additional Mustang Components That Can Be Removed

  • Carpet / Complete | 16.5 lbs
  • Tire Air Pump | 5 lbs
  • Trunk Carpet Cover | 4.6 lbs
  • Engine Cover | 3.4 lbs
  • Stock Floor Mats | 2.6 lbs
  • Plastic Trunk Latch Cover | 2.4 lbs
  • Engine Sound Tube | 1.3 lbs
  • Battery Cover | 1.23 lbs
  • Engine Coil Covers | 0.75 lbs/each

Removing things like carpet and battery covers may not be for the daily driven street S550 Mustang, but every pound makes a difference to the serious racer.

There are other possible mods you can do to remove some of the excess fat from the S550 Mustang, but this list will have the most common and ideal weight reduction tips for the 2015-2023 Mustang. Of course, instead of removing all of this weight one could simply add a Supercharger or Turbocharger and impress with a full-weight beast!

All in all, there is definitely a decent amount of weight that can be shaved off to make your 6th Generation Ford Mustang more nimble. Some minimal and some more significant! Let us know what other parts you have removed for weight reduction on your S550 Mustang and if it was worth it!

As always, for all of your 1979 to Present Mustang needs, keep it right here with the real Mustang enthusiasts,

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