How To Swap Mustang AOD to T5 Transmission: Stage 5

Posted 2/16/2017 by Tyler Rodriquez

In stage 5 of our Mustang T5 conversion, we finish up the installation of the T-5 transmission and button up the final components of the swap. This includes T-5 installation and speedometer cable installation.

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In this stage of your Mustang T-5 conversion, we install our much anticipated T-5 transmission as well as a new speedometer cable for the manual transmission.

While removing all of your parts, make sure to keep up with what went where. Labeling, taking pictures, anything else you may need to do can help save time and headaches during reassembly.

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How To: Mustang AOD to T5 Transmission Swap - Part 5 (1984-1993)

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