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Blue Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

Created by Jay Walling
Date Created: 8/28/2019
Last Updated: 1/12/2022

The Blue Mustang has been one of the top colors for Mustangs over the years. LMR breaks down the list of Mustang Blue Colors & Paint Codes from 1979-2022.

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Blue Mustang Colors & Paint Codes   - Blue Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

Back in the 1960s, shades of blue were the most popular colors for the Mustang! While not the most popular today, it still remains one of the top choices of colors for Mustang enthusiasts. Below we have listed all of the different Blue Mustang Color Options for 1979-current Mustang.

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Paint Code Paint Name Years Available
3F Light Medium Blue 1979-80
3H Medium Blue Glow 1979, 1981-82
3J, 3E, KF Bright Blue 1979-80, 1993-95
3L, 3D Dark Blue 1981-82
5C Dark Academy Blue 1983-84
3L Midnight Blue 1983, 1985
35 Light Academy Blue Glow 1983-84
3V, 3J Light Regatta Blue 1985-86
4M Dark Slate 1985-86
7B Shadow Blue 1986
3R Medium Shadow Blue 1987-89
7H Bright Regatta Blue 1987-89
7N Dark Shadow Blue 1987-89
MA, KA Light Crystal Blue 1990-91
MK Twilight Blue 1990-92
MM Ultra Blue 1990-92
K3 Bimini Blue 1991-92
LA Royal Blue 1993
PD Reef Blue 1993
RD Teal 1993-95
NA Deep Forest Green 1994-97
G Sapphire Blue 1995
KM Moonlight Blue 1996-97
LF Mystic 1996
K6 Atlantic Blue 1998-00
K7 Bright Atlantic Blue 1998-00
L2 True Blue 2001-03
SN Sonic Blue 2002-05
L5 Azure Blue 2003-04
P3 Windveil Blue 2005-08
G9 Vista Blue 2006-09
L6 Kona Blue 2010-12, 2015, 2018-20
J, 3F, CI, AE Grabber Blue 2010-14, 2017, 2022
J4 Deep Impact Blue 2013-16
N6 Lightning Blue 2017-18
E7 Velocity Blue 2019-21
FM Ford Performance Blue 2020-21
HX Antimatter Blue 2021
B3 Atlas Blue 2022
P2 Oil Slick Blue-Purple 2022

Best Shades Of Mustang Blue

True Blue (2001-03)

Most notably, this color came as one of the three colors on the 2001 Bullitt and had only 722 total made in this color. While the Highland Green is the most notable color option for the Bullitt, the Blue Bullitt is a must-have for those wanting that extra degree of uniqueness. Check out our article that goes into further detail about the 2001 Bullitt.

Blue Mustang Colors & Paint Codes   - Blue Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

Sonic Blue (2002-05)

This color started towards the end of the SN95s and actually lead into the first year of the S197! This 4-year stint clearly showed the popularity of this color at the time and how it provided such a popular shade of blue for the Mustangs of its time.

sonic blue mustang - sonic blue mustang

Azure Blue (2003-04)

This is a very well-known color that was only offered on the 2003-04 Mach 1s. Even today they are still such a sought-after vehicle that hold their value so well! Any true Mustang fan knows the importance of the Mach 1 blue and how it separates itself from the rest of the pack.

Blue Mustang Colors & Paint Codes   - Blue Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

Kona Blue (2010-12, 2015, 2018-20)

Spanning both S197 and S550 generations, it brought with it such a unique shade that it was even debuted on the 50th Anniversary Mustang in 2015.

Blue Mustang Colors & Paint Codes   - Blue Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

Grabber Blue (2010-14, 2017, 2022)

We wrote about this iconic color in one of our earlier articles, but this color became most popular on the 1970 BOSS 302 and originated completely by accident! It is very similar to Petty Blue and the only reason Grabber Blue came about is because of the Petty brothers (Richard and Maurice). One day they were painting a car and they ran out and ended up having to mix the dark blue and white paints together instead of separate so they could finish painting. Over time this color was produced with a slightly lighter shade which became the iconic Grabber Blue.

grabber blue mustang - grabber blue mustang

Lightning Blue (2017-18)

This color brought a very unique twist in its 2-year run. This is very similar to the Liquid Blue that fans wanted but was a nice alternative because it didn’t cost as much as the $12k paint job that the Liquid Blue would have been. We even have a shop car of our own with the Lightning Blue color!

Blue Mustang Colors & Paint Codes   - Blue Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

Antimatter Blue (2021)

This shade of Ford’s blue color was last offered in 2021 and everything that is being said about this new color is that it looks almost black with blue metallics embedded deep into the color. Not much has been revealed of the characteristics about Antimatter Blue Metallic, but it is definitely one of the more desirable blue colors!

Blue Mustang Colors & Paint Codes   - Blue Mustang Colors & Paint Codes

Oil Slick Blue-Purple (2022)

The Oil Slick Blue-Purple Mustang color is one of the most talked about Mustang color of 2022! The reason is because it closely resembles the rare and popular Mystic/Mystichrome colors from the SN95/New Mustangs. With its blend of both Blue and Purple we can't wait to see what this color looks like off the showrooms floor!

mustang oil slick blue-purple - mustang oil slick blue-purple

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