Ford Mustang Gear Oil Change Instructions

Posted 12/20/2016 by Tyler Rodriquez

Need to change your Mustang's gear oil? Follow along as LMR walks you through how to drain and refill your Mustang's differential!

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How To Change Mustang Gear Oil

Changing your Mustang's rear end gear oil is one of the most overlooked maintenance jobs. Even though it may seem intimidating, the process is quite simple. Follow along as we walk you through how to change your Mustang's gear oil.

Tools Required:

  • Socket Set
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Drain Pan
  • Gasket Scraper
  • Brake Clean (Optional)

Installation Instructions

  1. Lift your Mustang with either a jack and jackstands or with a lift.

  2. Place a bucket or drain pan under your rear end, and loosen and remove all but the top cover bolts.

  3. Using a flat head screwdriver, pry the cover open and allow the fluid to drain into the drain pan.

  4. Once the oil has slowed to a drip, loosen and remove the top bolt, remove the cover and set aside.

  5. Scrape off any remaining gasket and clean the differential with brake clean. Do the same with the cover as well.

  6. Install either a lube locker gasket or quality gasket maker on the mating surfaces.

  7. Reinstall the cover and torque down the bolts to the differential in a star pattern.

  8. Locate and remove the drain plug with the correct drive/socket.

  9. Using a fluid transfer pump or simply squeezing the fluid into a rubber hose inserted into the differential, fill the differential with the correct amount of fluid.

  10. For proper fluid capacities, check out our Mustang Fluid Capacities Charts.