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Top SN95 Mustang Wheels

Created by Jay Walling / 5 min read
Date Created: 5/15/2019
Last Updated: 9/1/2022

Check out our huge variety of SN95 Mustang wheels to take your vehicle to the next level. We at LMR pride ourselves on providing the best wheels in the industry.

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Top SN95 Mustang Wheels - Top SN95 Mustang Wheels

Whether you are racing, daily driving, or a frequent car show goer, we at LMR provide every type of wheel to get the look you are going for. Listed below, we have put together the top SN95 Wheels to make your Mustang look its best.

SVE Mach 1

Top SN95 Mustang Wheels - Top SN95 Mustang Wheels

These SVE Mach 1 type wheels in both 17x9 and 17x10.5 sizes incorporate the classic 5-spoke design with a very distinctive twist, redesigned after perhaps one of the greatest looking wheels optioned on a 1994-2004 Mustang, the 2003-2004 Mach 1 wheel. SVE uses a one-piece design with a bright machined finish made of sturdy cast aluminum to create a recessed center section with a prominent front lip and classic deep dish back to boost the Mach 1 Mustang's legendary appearance!

SVE Drag Comp

Top SN95 Mustang Wheels - Top SN95 Mustang Wheels

SVE's Drag Comp wheels will electrify your SN95 or New Edge Mustang performance and styling at the drag strip! Engineered to cater to the current and future demands of what Mustang enthusiasts are looking for in a Mustang drag wheel, the SVE Drag Comps combine track-ready function with an aesthetic appeal. The multi-spoke design of this wheel glides around the recessed center area with the shiny black finish on the 17x4.5, and 15x10 sizes are sure to draw attention!

SVE S350

Top SN95 Mustang Wheels - Top SN95 Mustang Wheels

This wheel brings a whole new style to the Mustang industry and has a sleek and modern 10-spoke design with 18x9 and 18x10 sizes. Also, the 9” and 10” widths provide better traction over factory wheels, all coming in at a lighter weight. This wheel comes in a gloss black and gloss graphite finish to look great on any Mustang!

SVE R350

Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels - Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels

With a flawless blend of motorsport-inspired design and beautiful style, the R350 wheel surpasses transcends the wheel industry. The R350 wheel from SVE is made of flow-formed aluminum for lightweight performance at a reasonable cost! The R350 wheel highlights the body lines of your SN95 or New Edge with a concave, 7-spoke design in liquid graphite, satin bronze, or gloss black finishes in 18x9 and 18x10 sizes.


Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels - Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels

The SVE NVX is short for NOVEX and has a concave design. This 5-spoke wheel has the perfect blend of simplicity and style, which center around a color-matched center cap. This wheel comes in satin bronze, gloss black, or gloss graphite, so this is a perfect fit for anyone who wants a simple, high-quality wheel on their Mustang.

SVE Series 3

Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels - Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels

The SVE Series 3 is the perfect wheel for someone who wants a similar design that is from the Series 1 but would like a different finish in color. These wheels have a multi-mesh spoke design and is the perfect combination of race-inspired design and high-class styling. The Series 3 comes with a satin bronze, black, gun metal, or chrome finish to get the finish that best suits your needs.

SVE Series 2

When Series 3 doesn’t catch your eye, you might be in the market for Series 2s! These come with a split, 5-spoke pattern and the same 4 different finishes as the Series 3. The Series 2 is perfect for someone who wants a 5-spoke wheel but has a little flare.

SVE Series 1

Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels - Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels

This is the 1st of our 3 SVE series wheels and has a similar mesh design to the Series 3. The difference is that it comes in a gloss black, silver, and liquid gold with minor differences from the Series 3. Check out our different SVE Series wheels to see which style suits your vehicle best.

SVE Drift

Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels - Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels

This wheel has an aggressive multi-spoke design and is a very popular wheel among Mustang enthusiasts. This one-of-a-kind wheel will come in a diameter of 18” and is offered in widths of 9” and 10” with a gloss black finish. Adding a set of SVE Drifts to your SN95 is a great way to get a custom look on your Mustang.

03 Cobra

Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels - Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels

Ever wanted to get the same aggressive wheels you see on the SVT Terminator? This 5-spoke wheel is a direct replica of this wheel and comes in 17x9/10.5. Finishes of this wheel include machined, black, and chrome to give any color SN95 the perfect finishing touch.


Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels - Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels

Back when the Saleen S281 came to fruition, many Mustang owners wanted to recreate this look by purchasing a set of Saleen Mustang wheels. These have an 18” 5-spoke clean look and are offered in chrome and black finishes. Check our selection out today for these high-demand wheels.


Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels - Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels

These wheels are very popular because of the Ford FR500 Mustang Concept at the SEMA show years ago. When it was introduced, it quickly became one of the most popular aftermarket wheels for 1994-2004 Mustangs. These wheels come in 5 finishes: anthracite, black-machined, gloss black, silver, and chrome. We want to ensure that you have the exact style you want for this type of wheel.

10th Anniversary

Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels - Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels

This anniversary wheel was modeled after the 10th anniversary of the SVT Cobra in 2003. This is a unique wheel in that it is a dual 7-spoke which is pretty uncommon. This wheel comes in gloss black, anthracite, and chrome to give a sleek new aggressive style.

Saleen SC

Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels - Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels

Those wanting to bring back the 80s Saleen style look to your SN95 look no further! These wheels feature a wide 5-spoke design and provide a sleek, road race-inspired look. The finishes on the wheel are silver, chrome, and black. Order these wheels today to see why these Saleen SC wheels look so good on SN95s.

SVE Drag

Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels - Top 15 SN95 Mustang Wheels

These drag wheels were primarily produced to reduce weight and add track performance to SN95s. If you decide to order our wheel and tire drag kit, you will get a weight reduction in the front and more traction in the back to help you launch harder and get down the track quicker. Finishes come in chrome, gloss black, and dark stainless.

Choosing from these different wheels we provide is sure to give you the exact wheel that fits your needs. Shop with us today and see why we feel these are the best wheels on the market for your Mustang.

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