Mustang Wheel & Tire Guide | SN95 & New Edge

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Need help determining what wheels will fit your SN95 or New Edge Mustang? Check out LMR's 1994-04 Mustang Wheel & Tire Guide.

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  • Mustang Wheel & Tire Guide | SN95 & New Edge
Mustang Wheel & Tire Guide | SN95 & New Edge - Mustang Wheel & Tire Guide | SN95 & New Edge

We get a ton of questions about which wheels fit which Mustang the best or which tires do you recommend for the best fit? We have decided to put it down on digital paper and go over what wheels we recommend for your SN95 and New Edge Mustang. There are literally 100s of combinations when you factor in rim sizes, rim width, finishes, and tires. This should help take the guesswork out of making your next Mustang Wheel purchase. 

Before we dive too deep into this conversation let us first take a look at a basic guideline when it comes to backspacing for 1994-2004 Mustangs (V6, GT, Mach 1, Bullitt and 94-98 Cobras with solid rear ends).

  • 7" width - 4.5" backspace
  • 8" width - 5-5.5" backspace
  • 9" width - 6" backspace
  • 10-10.5" width - 6.5" backspace

Mustang Deep Dish Wheels | Wider Is Better!

Muscle cars look great with a fat tire under the back and since Ford gave the SN95 & New Edge Mustangs plenty of room in the rear wheel wells, there is no reason not to fill that space! Some of the most popular wheel combinations on the market for the SN-95 and New Edge Mustang revolve around deep dish wheels. So what does this mean? In simple terms, the wheels' spokes are “sunk” into the wheel. Depending on backspacing and wheel diameter, you get a 1”-3” “lip” on the wheel (seen in the picture below).

Deep Dish Mustang wheels can be found on almost all of our most popular wheels for 94-04 Stangs. They all feature a polished or machined lip that gives you an aggressive look that always turns heads. Some of the most popular Deep Dish rims we have are the SVE Series 2 wheels, SC Wheels, 10th Anniversary Bullitt Wheels, SVE Series 3, and FR500 wheels. Not all wheels feature a Deep Dish design, such as the SVE Drift wheel. That doesn’t mean they are not wide. They come in 18x9 and 18x10 combinations that will still completely fill any wheel well.

Mustang Wheel & Tire Guide (SN95 & New Edge) - Mustang Wheel & Tire Guide (SN95 & New Edge)

Since they were first introduced, one of the most popular wheels and tire kit options for these year range Mustangs has been the 17x9 front and 17x10.5 rear combination. Matching these Mustang wheels with a set of 275/40/17 tires in the front and 315/35/17 tires in the rear makes for an amazingly aggressive look!

This combination is followed by a close second in popularity by the 18x9 front wheels and 18x10 rear wheels combination. Combine these 18” Mustang rims with 265/35/18 front tires and 285/35/18 rear tires to get an aggressive look that will have you turning heads quickly. The larger diameter in the 18” wheel helps fill the wheel well with more rim. This slight bump in diameter goes a long way to help your wheels get noticed.

It’s All About Stance!

A good set of wheels and tires on a Mustang can add to the 4x4 look if you don’t bring down the stance of your Mustang! This can be solved by installing a set of lowering springs to help reduce the fender gap on your Stang. We offer a wide selection of springs that range from mild to extreme regarding actual “drop.” The rule of thumb is the lower the vehicle, the more you sacrifice with ride quality. Shop our complete line of springs here: Mustang Lowering Springs.

Need help installing your new set of lowering springs on your SN-95 or New Edge Mustang? Check out our lowering spring installation article and video below!

What About IRS (Independent Rear Suspension)?

If you own a 99-01 or 03-04 Cobra that still has an IRS, or a 94-04 Mustang V6/GT with an IRS swap, you will need to take this into consideration when purchasing wheels. For certain wheels, you may need to install Low Profile IRS Subframe Bolts for proper clearance. A 1/8" Wheel Spacer may be required to ensure the rear center caps are adequately secured.

Which Tires Are Best For My Mustang?

Mustang Wheel & Tire Guide (SN95 & New Edge) - Mustang Wheel & Tire Guide (SN95 & New Edge)

This is where the rubber hits the road – literally! Here at, we offer several different tire options. We have pre-selected the best fitting tire options with popular wheels to create money and time-saving wheel & tire kits. All wheel and tire kits come mounted and balanced. All you have to do is slap them on your Stang, and you are good to go! Below are some of our more popular tire options.


A customer and employee favorite are the Nitto tires. Nitto's 555 G2 has a stickier compound when compared to most factory tires. The Nitto 555 G2 is an awesome tire, and everything you have heard about Nitto's outstanding reputation is true. This Nitto 555 G2 tire is designed for those who are looking for enhanced street performance and handling characteristics.

Drag Radials

Drag Radials are for when there are no compromises, and you absolutely have to launch hard every time on the strip. These DOT-approved "race tires" have a smooth footprint for better takeoff and acceleration than most street radials, but yet can be driven on the street. Yielding the best performance, these tires will also wear quicker due to the soft compound rubber used in their construction.


Slicks are for the drag strip, period. These are completely smooth for the best acceleration on the track. These wheels are not designed to be driven on the street.

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