What Is An OBS Bronco?

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Have you ever wondered what is a Ford OBS Bronco? You are not alone. We will take a look at what where the name comes from and what makes this Ford SUV so popular.

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  • What Is An OBS Bronco?

With the new Ford Bronco release, many enthusiasts have flocked to older Bronco models, and sky-high used Bronco prices. With a vast history stretching back to the first 1966 model, the Bronco is one of the few vehicles that have stood the test of time. One of the most popular models on the market right now is the OBS Bronco, and today, we will let you know everything you need to know about this generation of Bronco.

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What Does OBS Truck Mean?

An OBS truck is a slang term for “Old Body Style” truck and is usually used to refer to older Chevrolet and Ford trucks of the late 1980-1990s. This term is often used for Chevy C/K trucks made from 1988 to 1998 by General Motors. OBS Ford trucks were made from 1992 -1997 and included most of the older body style Ford F150s, F250s, Broncos, and other models produced before the redesigns between 1997 and 1999. We’ve also seen OBS referred to as “Original Body Style”.

What Is An OBS Bronco?

The OBS Bronco refers to the 5th generation Bronco manufactured from 1992-1996. The Gen 5 Bronco showcased cleaner body lines, especially in the front end than earlier models. The 1992-1996 Broncos shared many of the same styling cues, and parts, as the 1992-1996 Ford F150. The OBS Bronco was the last generation of Bronco made before the newest Gen 6 model. Between 1997 and 2020, Ford’s alternatives to the Bronco were the Ford Expedition and Ford Explorer.

Gen 4 Bronco Vs Gen 5 Bronco

The 1992 Bronco was the first year of the 5th generation and brought forth, at the time, a new body style compared to the previous generations. With 20 years time, this new body style has been dubbed the old body style by enthusiasts.


The engine choices in the Ford Bronco from 1992-1996 went unchanged from the previous generation, carrying over the same three engines:

  • 4.9L Inline 6 Engine
  • 5.0L V8 Engine
  • 5.8L H.O. V8 engine

From 1994-1996, the Bronco was only available in a V8 option as Ford discontinued the 4.9L inline 6 for these years. In 1996, the 5.0L and 5.8L engines became OBD-II compliant. The improvement in emissions from the addition of OBD-II compliance allowed for removing the 1996 Bronco engine’s smog air pump and related plumbing. Throughout the 1994-1996 model years, Bronco V8 engines received various improvements such as a roller camshaft and mass air induction. The OBS Bronco transmission options were trimmed down to:

  • 4-Speed AOD-E Automatic Transmission
  • 4-Speed E40D Automatic Transmission
  • 5-Speed M5OD-R2 Manual Transmission

The 5.8L H.O. V8 engine was only available with an automatic transmission.

For an in-depth dive into the available engines and transmission options that were available on the OBS Bronco, check out our technical guides below!


The 1992 Ford Bronco featured many of the same great characteristics that the popular off-road vehicle was known for, but with a more noticeable facelift. Adequately nicknamed Bricknose, 1987-1991 featured a squared-off look that some say resembled a brick. The previous box-style headlights were given a more rounded look to compliment smoother body lines found on the 1992-1996 Bronco. The new front end brought little changes to the Bronco grille, making it more form-fitting to the newly updated front end. The front bumper also slightly revised but kept the same general look.

To add to the more aerodynamic body, Ford designers added streamlined exterior mirrors mounted closer to the window, straying away from the large double mount brackets in previous models.

Ford offered attractive Alcoa-sourced 15x8” polished aluminum wheels as an option on the 1994-96 Broncos.

To help give the 5th Gen Bronco an added flair, Ford introduced the Bronco with a new color selection, leading to what some might say was the best run of two-tone color combos in the history of the Bronco. Some of these colors would include Emerald Green Metallic, and Cabernet Red. 

To explore all the colors available on the 1992-1996 Ford Bronco, check out our OBS Bronco Paint Code guide.


The exterior wasn’t the only area that Ford engineers revamped on the 5th gen, the interior got a luxurious upgrade as well. The 1992 Bronco saw new gauges, a digital odometer, a state-of-the-art sound system, auto-dimming rearview mirror, overhead console, rotary air conditioning and heating controls, power window and door lock relocation for ergonomics, and many other great features.

When choosing options on your Gen 5, you had a few different options for seating configurations. Bronco owners got to choose from front bucket low-back seats, front bench seat, captain’s chairs, and a flip-fold rear seat. For the first time in Bronco history, leather became an available option in the XLT, Nite, and Eddie Bauer edition Broncos. Another option only available on these select models was the color-keyed, two-piece, full-length headliner to help reduce exterior noise. Power lumbar supports were another feature that started in 1992 in the captain’s chairs.

Full-length cloth headliners were options on 1992-1996 Broncos for the metal roof and the removable fiberglass top.

In the 1992 Bronco brochure, Ford marketed a Power Point electrical accessory outlet “so you can plug in convenience items like coffee pots or electric shavers when its break time.” While this seems a little odd to think about these days, it was certainly a selling point for Ford marketers of that era.


With the increase in automobile safety technology, Ford did not skimp on safety when it came to the Gen 5 Bronco. New to 1992 was the addition of 3-point safety belts for rear passengers, replacing the earlier model lap belts. In 1993, the Bronco got 4-wheel anti-lock brakes to aid in overall braking capabilities and safety. In 1994, Ford engineers added an airbag to the steering wheel to stay ahead of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 that went into effect in late 1998.

OBS Bronco Production Numbers

Ford's 1992-1996 fifth generation Bronco is one of the most rugged 4-wheel drive SUV's ever produced. During this short 5-year span, the Ford Motor Company produced roughly 162,703 Broncos. With a steady lack of sales over the years, Ford opted to discontinue any further production of the OBS Bronco during this run.

1992-1996 Bronco Production Numbers

Year ModelNumber Of Broncos Produced
Source: Ford Motor Company

Wrapping Things Up

The OBS Bronco was one of the most iconic Ford Broncos in its history and has one of the largest aftermarket followings. With the release of the new Bronco, the popularity of the OBS Bronco will only skyrocket. We expect to see resell values of not only the OBS Bronco, but the Bullnose, Bricknose, and classic Bronco as well.

We here at LMR are excited to carry OBS Bronco parts & accessories and help fuel the Bronco lifestyle!

Enjoy Ford original brochures below courtesy of Ford!



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In this LMR "what is" video, Landan talks about the legendary 1992-1996 OBS Ford Bronco. The OBS Bronco refers to the 5th generation Bronco manufactured from 1992-1996. The Gen 5 Bronco showcased cleaner body lines, especially in the front end than earlier models. The 1992-1996 Broncos shared many of the same styling cues, and parts, as the 1992-1996 Ford F150. The OBS Bronco was the last generation of Bronco made before the newest Gen 6 model.
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