How To Remove 83-97 Mustang Fuel/Gas Tank

Posted 2/20/2013 by Jeff Jimenez

Watch this installation video on how to remove and install a new fuel/gas tank in your 83-97 Ford Mustang! Let us help you get your Fox Body or SN95 fuel system restoration project started off the right way!!

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Here at Late Model Restoration, we are passionate about the Mustang hobby and we want to see it grow. We also want to share our vast Mustang knowledge with you. In an effort to help you with your Mustang project car, we have developed a full line of Mustang how to videos and tech articles. In the video above you will find the corner stone how to video that covers how to remove your gas tank from any 83-97 Mustang.

Pretty much any Fox Body Mustang fuel system project will require you to remove the fuel tank from your Stang. Whether you are replacing a bad fuel pump, or upgrading to a performance high flow pump, you will have to drop your fuel tank. Follow along in the video as Jmac shows you how to replace your fuel tank in your Mustang.

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About the Video

Mustang Fuel Gas Tank Removal Install (83-97) Fox Body SN95

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Published on 2013-02-20
Not sure how to remove or replace your fuel gas tank on your 83-97 Ford Mustang? No worries! Here at, we have you covered with plenty of tech videos and blogs to help you handle your next Mustang Project.

In this video, Jmac will walk you through a step-by-step procedure on removing your Mustang fuel tank. Removing a fuel tank is a must to replace bad fuel pumps, sending units or the common broken fuel baffle inside the tank. For this Fox Body Mustang we removed the fuel tank for all of the above reasons. This same gas tank removal process works on 94-97 SN95 Mustangs.

JONATHAN MCDONALD: If you own a Mustang, more than likely, sometime in your ownership you may have to drop the fuel tank. Well, luckily, here at, we have all the parts that you might need whenever you're working on your fuel system. Now, before we get started with dropping that fuel tank, you want to make sure that you either time it to where your tank is empty. Or if your fuel pump has gone out, go ahead and use a siphon pump to drain as much fuel out as you can. That way, it'll make your job easier.

Now, the first thing you need to know about removing your fuel tank-- safety gear. Wear gloves, safety glasses. You're messing with fuel, so you don't want to take any chances.

Go ahead and open up your fuel door. Remove the fuel cap. And then remove the three retaining screws that hold the filler neck to the filler box using a 10 millimeter nut driver.

Once you get your fuel cap off, you want to come up to the front to the fuel rail and access your Schrader valve. What you'll want to do there is relieve the fuel system pressure. That way, whenever you get underneath the car to remove the fuel lines, you won't have gas spraying everywhere.

Remove the cap. Depress the Schrader valve. And have a towel handy to catch the fuel that comes out. Now, with the car properly supported in the air, you want to come underneath, remove the single 5/16 retaining screw that holds on the filler neck support, and then remove the four 10-millimeter-headed retaining screws that hold the rubber seal to the trunk floor. And this will allow you to wiggle the filler neck from the tank and up out of the way so we can pull the tank down.

Now, to remove the filler neck from the fuel tank, sometimes you can just wiggle it right out. Sometimes you have to drop the tank. Now, if you're in this situation like we are, you want to properly support the tank. If you're working on the floor, you can use a floor jack or have a buddy around just to help keep you from dropping it.

All right, go ahead and remove the two 1/2-inch bolts that hold the fuel tank straps to the car. Then lower the tank slightly and shift it over toward the driver's side of your car. Then you can grab hold of the filler neck and wiggle it out of the fuel tank.

Go ahead and remove your supply and return line. Use a fuel line disconnect tool on the return side. And have your drain pan in place to catch any gas. Go ahead and use a small flat-blade screwdriver to remove the plastic clip that holds the supply line to the fuel filter.

Now go ahead and remove the vapor line from the middle hard line. No gas will come out of this line. Now you can disconnect the electrical connector. Now you can go ahead and lower the tank out of the car.

Now that the fuel tank's on the ground, you can go ahead and clean everything up and perform whatever service it is you need to do. Regardless, pick up one of our 5.0 Resto fuel neck filler seals, because these are damaged every time you take them apart. Now, for more fuel system parts and installation videos, check out

How To Remove 83-97 Mustang Fuel/Gas Tank Tech Info

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