Corbeau Racing Seats

If you're looking for a safe and comfortable racing seat, Corbeau seats are an excellent choice. Mustang Corbeau racing seats are a popular addition to any body style to give you comfort and safety for drag racing, road racing, or daily driving. Corbeau has a wide variety of fixed back, reclining, and off road racing seats to accommodate almost every kind of racing imaginable. In addition to your safety, Corbea put an emphasis on comfort and style. Choose from popular Corbeau seats such as the A4, CR1, Forza, FX1, GTSII, LG1, Sport Seats, TRS Racing, and the VX2000 to get your Mustang interior looking and feeling great.

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Corbeau Racing Seats Tech Info

All Corbeau fixed back Racing Seats come equipped with 5-Point Harness capability and come in a variety of sizes for both large and small drivers. Corbeau seats that recline are all equipped with harness slots and for only $29.00 we can add a submarine slot for your 5th strap. Depending on how much support you want and where you want that support Corbeau is sure to have a Mustang Seat that will meet your needs. You may want aggressive shoulder and kidney bolsters but not so aggressive thigh bolsters. You may want aggressive thigh and kidney bolsters but not so much aggression in the shoulders. Corbeau has designed Mustang seats for all these scenarios and are confident they have the perfect Mustang Seat for you.