Mustang EGR Valves & Sensors

A bad EGR Valve can cause poor or rough idle, bucking on acceleration, illuminated Check Engine Light, or a combination of these. Then your Mustang EGR Valve may be to blame. An EGR Valve, or Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve, is a component of the emissions system. It's function is to recycle a small amount of exhaust gas back in to the intake air to help cool the combustion process for a more complete burn of the air/fuel mixture. This also helps prevent the formation of harmful Oxides of Nitrogen, or NOx gasses, making your Mustang's spent exhaust cleaner.

Mustang EGR Valves & Sensors Tech Info

Two of the most common things that cause a Mustang EGR Valve to fail are carbon build-up on the valve opening not allowing it to seal off properly & a punctured, torn, or deteriorated vacuum diaphragm not allowing the valve to open at all. Make the environment happy & keep your Mustang burning clean with our lineup of new aftermarket & Motorcraft EGR Valves, gaskets, & components!