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Give your ride a heart transplant with this selection of crate motors from BluePrint Engines, the authority in crate engines.

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BluePrint Crate Motors

Affordable, reliable horsepower has driven BluePrint since 1982. BluePrint gives you more than just an engine but engineering at its finest. And those who drive it know it: the fanatics, the families, the thrill riders, the joy riders, and everyone in between. No matter who they serve, they share a genuine passion that unites us all on these streets, strips, or any stretch of road. Every BluePrint crate engine matches you like a fingerprint. It looks like a beauty and runs like a beast. It's dyno-tested, trusted, and tailored to you alone. All this is backed by BluePrint's best warranty and customer support in the business.

One customer at a time, one high-performance crate engine at a time, their relentless engineers, headed by the legendary Norris Marshall, know that skill has no substitute. That accuracy outperforms arrogance. And it’s that authenticity in craft, that makes BluePrint The Authority in Crate Engines.