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1986-04 Mustang Ford Performance 24lb Fuel Injector Installation Instructions

Created by Taylor Ward
Last Updated 5/17/2021

Replace, and upgrade your stock 19lb Mustang fuel injectors with a set of these 24lb fuel injectors from Ford Performance!

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Removal & Installation Instructions

  1. Remove UPPER intake manifold, (you do not have to remove the lower manifold), and all of the vacuum lines, and sensors hooked onto it
  2. Immediately stuff rags into holes of lower intake manifold to prevent any dirt or debris from entering the manifold, and then begin scraping the old gasket material off
  3. Relieve fuel pressure from fuel lines. Use a rag to cover the schrader valve, and push the valve in with a screwdriver very slowly/gently
  4. Unplug the electrical connectors, and remove the whole fuel rail assembly. The injectors usually will come off with the rail, but a few might stick in the lower manifold. If they do, just work them back and forth until they release, making sure not to leave any o-rings in the lower manifold
  5. Place the new injectors on fuel rail in place of old OEM units. Make sure everything is clean, and apply a little motor oil to the O-rings to help them seal
  6. Assembly is reverse of removal
  7. Double check all connections, and vacuum lines, and either reconnect, or replace as needed