What Is An S550 Mustang: The Ultimate Guide

Created by Tyler Rodriquez
Date Created: 4/7/2020
Last Updated: 12/21/2023

Ever wondered what an S550 Mustang is? LMR breaks down everything you need to know about this revolutionary Mustang model.

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What Is A S550 Mustang? - What Is A S550 Mustang?

The “S550” codename is the model of the 6th generation of the Mustang family and spans from 2015 to 2023. This is the first Mustang to be marketed and sold globally, the first time that they have been produced as a right-hand drive and the traditional left-hand that we are accustomed to. This is all part of Ford’s “One Ford” business plan, which applies to other Ford vehicles, not just the sports cars. In the article, we will go over every aspect of the Ford Mustang S550 incredible design and how it has been improved from earlier versions.

How The S550 Mustang Came To Be

This new sith generation Mustang model was released on December 5, 2013 with same-day media events in cities worldwide. This 2015 Mustang marked the 50th anniversary of Mustang production which first began in March of 1964. Development for the S550 began in 2009 under chief engineer Dave Pericak and exterior design director Joel Piaskowski. In December of 2010 an exterior design theme was proposed by Kemal Curic from Ford’s Cologne, Germany design studios and was selected by Ford’s design management team. 


So, Ford relocated Curic to their design studio in Dearborn on January 2011. During the middle of development, the original design made by Curic was rejected by Ford’s executives, which resulted in rapid changes. 3 different exterior design proposals were made in September 2012 which resulted in the first proposal being approved by Ford management. The final design was locked in on December 2012 which was 20 months ahead of schedule. The interior design program had begun in Spring of 2010 under Doyle Letson and by late 2011 the final interior proposal was settled on and combined exterior theme proposals 1 and 2. 


As of June 2012, the final exterior was locked. So, the first test mules in 2010 model year bodies were spotted earlier in June 2012, and the first S550 prototypes were built five months later in May 2013.

S550 Mustang Features

  • Base V6 model came with a 3.7 V6 engine from the previous generation, AM/FM radio with six speakers, Ford SYNC, USB, iPod, aux input jacks, cloth front bucket seats, 17” alloy wheels, keyless entry with push start, and either a 6-speed manual, or automatic

  • The Ford Mustang Ecoboost model has similar features to the V6 but instead of the 3.7 V6 it has a new 2.3 turbocharged four-cylinder Ecoboost engine. Also, it adds power front seats

  • The Ecoboost Premium model has leather seats, MyFord Touch with Ford SYNC, HD Radio, and the SHAKER sound system

  • The Ford Mustang GT model comes with a 5.0 TI-VCT V8 engine

  • Mustang GT Premium models add 19” wheels to the very popular 5.0 Coyote V8 engine

  • Independent Rear Suspension was added to all S550 Mustangs

S550 Mustang Exterior

The exterior of the new S550 Mustang underwent some significant changes. The new pony car got wider more aggressive rear shoulders that meet up with a new rear end that features a modern take on the classic tri-bar style tail lights. There is a black decklid panel between the taillights that features Mustang badging which will be different between models. The rear lower valance will now feature some color to go along with the black plastic. All pictures seen to this point show off a lower streamlined spoiler that sits on the trunk lid.

2015 Mustang Specs & Information - 2015 mustang exterior

Upfront there again are some significant changes. The S550 Mustang will feature large upper and lower grille openings for maximum cooling capabilities. In the pictures below you will also see that the GT 5.0L model also has what appears to be functional hood vents. Unlike the 2013-14 hood vents, these have been pushed down closer to the front bumper. The super aggressive-looking headlights feature HID project style headlights with LED tri-bar accents upfront. Also below you will see the GT model features Fog lights that have been moved down to the lower outer section of the front bumper – gone are the 2005-14 upper grille-mounted fog lights.

The S550 Mustang also features a much lower stance compared to previous models – which some previous models looked more like a truck stance than a sports car stance. This will make many people extremely excited. The lower side skirts are a black plastic finish that helps give the Stang an added “lowered” look that I am growing very fond of. In the pictures below you will also see that the roof features lines that carry over and follow the lines of the hood. I am noticing that the 2015 Mustang’s edgy design and smooth lines flow well and almost create a different look from about any angle you approach it from.

S550 Mustang Interior

The interior of the new S550 Mustang is one of the most stunning interiors I have seen in a long time! It is by far one of the best improvements I have seen in some time. Ford used real-world materials to build the bulk of the interior – aluminum, leather, and stitching. They also include plenty of technology improvements such as MyFord Touch with SYNC & Navigation. There are now push-button start and metallic flip switches that are reminiscing of the Ford GT. The steering wheel looks more like a control center than a steering wheel; thus putting all your information and comforts literally at your fingertips. The pictures below will speak volumes more than I ever could!

2015 Mustang Specs & Information - 2015 Mustang interior

IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) & Revised Front Suspension

The new S550 Mustang is one of the greatest things to come along in our community in a long time. One of the biggest changes on this platform has been the upgraded suspension. Front and rear have changed in many different areas over older models.


Starting with the front, one of the biggest differences you may notice would be the lower control arm. If you had a 2014 and 2015 model next to each other you can see a major difference. Instead of using one large traditional A-arm the S550 uses 2 separate links with its own ball joint. 


By doing this, Ford had dramatically improved steering geometry and overall handling capabilities. Some things however will still look the same. Front struts and mounts remain restively unchanged. The front sway bar’s on the S550 are very similar to the older model as well. Just like the S197 models, there is always room for improvement on the S550.


Now let’s move to the rear of the vehicle. The S550 is equipped with a brand new IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) setup. I know some of you may cringe at the thought of an IRS-equipped Mustang after the history of the 99-04 Cobras. Improvements Ford has made on this include eliminating the standard double-wishbone set-up the Cobra used in the past. The S550 platform has the IRS as standard equipment on these years, unlike the prior years being solid-axle options. 


Yes, one of the most common issues with any IRS-equipped vehicle is wheel hop. You may ask, “What exactly is wheel hop”? Wheel Hop is the alteration of your drive wheels obtaining and losing traction. If you have ever experienced this first hand, you know what I am talking about. The IRS’ on this car are still prone to this issue. They are very similar to previous models like the Cobras. Companies like BMR, FRPP, Steeda, and UPR have with issue whipped.

2015 Mustang Specs & Information: S550 Models, Engines, Colors & More - 2015 Mustang Suspension

Many simple fixes like the vertical links, toe rods, and axle shafts can improve on the wheel hop problems. Improved IRS bushings and mount kits help stiffen up the rear as well. Overall the S550 is a perfect starting point for any Mustang enthusiast like us.

2015 Mustang Transmissions

The Getrag MT-82 standard transmission will carry over to the S550 Mustangs. There will also be a 6-speed automatic transmission as an option. As for the MT-82 Tranny, it will see some minor improvements to shift linkage. This will be a much-needed update as the factory 2011-14 Mustang featured a shifter that felt like it had long shift throws and could use some reduction in "sloppy" feel. The 6 speed automatic will be getting a whole host of improvements and is rumored to have a steering wheel shifter paddle option. Check out what found out about the new 6-speed auto transmission:


In the automatic department a six-speed auto is once again available. The auto has been significantly revised. A new case with reinforcing ribs for added strength and reduced weight is part of the package. The clutches have been revised, and the transmission operates at higher temperatures for improved friction characteristics. The output shaft has new ball-bearing support, allowing for 155 mph top speed according to Ford.

Don Cesson: "Same Day Coverage: The 2015 Mustang Debuts"

2015 Mustang Packages & Options


  • 2.3L EcoBoost Performance Package

    • 14" rotors with aluminum four piston calipers on the front

    • Performance Tires - possibly staggered combination

    • Larger Radiator

    • Extra gauges added to the dash above the radio

  • GT Performance Package

    • 15" rotors with Brembo 6 Piston Calipers

Standard Options

  • Launch Control Standard on GT Model

  • Revised TPMS system

  • Rain sensing windshield wipers

  • Separate Steering Control

  • Separate Stability Control

  • Sequential Tail Lights

  • Paddle Shifters for 6 Speed Automatic Transmission

  • Intelligent Access - Keys Aren't Needed To Open Doors Or Start The Car

  • Push Button Start

  • Ford MyKey

  • SYNC



  • MyFord Touch with SYNC System - Touch Screen & Voice Activated

  • BLIS - Blide Spot Information System

  • Selectable Drive Modes - Snow, Wet & Sports

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

  • New Shaker Pro audio system

  • Heated & Cooled Seats


S550 Ford Mustang Color Options

What Is A S550 Mustang? - What Is A S550 Mustang?



Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition (2015)

What Is A S550 Mustang? - What Is A S550 Mustang?

Only 1964 units were made of this 15’ GT Coupe and came equipped with the performance pack (drivetrain improvements) and this was made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Mustang vehicle lineup. Also, this came with 2 special edition body colors from 1964 which were Wimbledon White and Kona Blue. This model was marketed as a 2014 ½ model which pays tribute to the original 1964 ½ model. One of these Limited Editions was also used as a pace car for the NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series races during Ford Championship Weekend November 14-16, 2014.

F-35 Lightning II (2015)

What Is A S550 Mustang? - What Is A S550 Mustang?

This was a special Mustang that was auctioned off at the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) AirVenture air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. All of the proceeds went to the EAA Young Eagles program. This Mustang was named after the F-35 Lightning II fighter jet and included a glossy and matte dark-silver paint with yellow hood stripes, mirror caps, and brake calipers. It also included gold tint on the windows as well as custom black and yellow Forgiato 21-in wheels. For suspension it had lowered Eibach springs and the exhaust had larger, ceramic-coated cans. It also included many carbon fiber components to match the fighter jet style which included a front splitter, rear spoiler, sill extensions, and a rear diffuser. To complete this one of kind vehicle it had a F-35 Decal on the rear quarter panel as well as the flags of all of the US allies on the lower doors.

Galpin Fisker Rocket (2015)

What Is A S550 Mustang? - What Is A S550 Mustang?

This vehicle was named the “Ultimate American Muscle Car” at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show and was built from Galpin Auto Sports with designer Henrik Fisker. Dubbed the “Rocket”, this supercharged 725 hp V8 used a lot of carbon fiber for the body of the vehicle to add a sleek, lighter look. It also featured huge 15” Brembo brakes, special leather interior, and 21” ADV.1 wheels.

Roush RS Models (2015-2016)

What Is A S550 Mustang? - What Is A S550 Mustang?

These are upgrade packages from Roush Performance, and for 2015’s it included front and rear fascia’s, driving lamps, new grille, side-sill extensions, rear spoiler, and embroidered floor mats. Stage 1 packages get a performance exhaust system while Stage 2 gets everything mentioned as well as a set of 5-spoke 20” “Quicksilver” wheels and Cooper RS3 tires. There are optional upgrades on both stages such as a hood scoop, window scoop, ball shifter, billet pedals, Roush gauges, and doorsill plates. For the 2016 models they are mostly the same package except a price raise of $5,995 on the basic RS. Also, the Stage 1 supports the Ecoboost which raised the price to about $8,000 with stage 2 having a raised price of $11,955. Lastly in 2016 Ford came out with a Roush Stage 3. It comes in at 670 hp with an option to upgrade to 730 hp. The lower hp version still retains the 3 year/36,000-mile warranty, but the upgraded hp option does not. Features include a Roush Quad-Tip exhaust, “R7” aerobody, single adjustable coilover suspension system, with an optional competition-tuned 3-way adjustable system.


Warrior Edition (2015-2016)

What Is A S550 Mustang? - What Is A S550 Mustang?

For 2015, Roush teamed with Military Auto Sales to build a Mustang for military members. They only produced 15 stage 3, GT 627 hp supercharged fastbacks and 30 Ecoboost 320 hp fastbacks. Only 2 color options were available in race red or midnight black. The opposite color was used on its stripes and decals. This model sold out in a record 12 minutes. In 2016 they did a similar build but only offered a V8 option with only making 45 in total. 15 in shadow black, 15, race red, and 15 deep impact blue.

Saleen S302 Models (2015-2016)

What Is A S550 Mustang? - What Is A S550 Mustang?

Saleen came out with 3 models that are the “White Label S302”, “Yellow Label S302”, and “Black Label S302”. The White Label has a 450 hp 5.0 L V8 engine and contains the Saleen S302 styling package. This model is available in 23 different colors, with 2 different wheel size options. The Yellow Label includes everything that the White label has but it also has an eight generation Saleen Supercharger with 715 hp. Lastly, with the Black Label comes standard with a 450 hp 5.0 L V8 engine but is optional with a supercharge and powerflash calibration which will make it 730 hp. Also, some new additions are a standard S4 suspension package or an optional full suspension. Also, the 13.9” vented 4-piston brakes which comes standard or can be upgraded to 15” slotted 6-piston brakes. Many exterior parts of the black label are different than the other two options that is custom to that specific model.

Shelby American GT (2015-2016)

What Is A S550 Mustang? - What Is A S550 Mustang?

  • Optional hood extension
  • Mirror cap
  • Tail light panel
  • Convertible light bar
  • Any factory paint color, plus the option of 5 different color racing strip options.
  • Special Shelby badging
  • 20” WELD racing wheels in 3 different colors
  • Upper and lower grilles with Shelby GT badging in 2 different colors

  • Shelby GT dash plaque
  • Embroidered headrests and floor mats
  • Optional is a Katzkin interior, Shelby valve cover, and an engine cap kit

  • Cold air intake
  • Ford performance handling pack
  • Short throw shifter
  • Exhaust with Shelby tips
  • Optional is a ford performance supercharger, half shafts, differential and trans cooling, willwood brakes, camber/caster plates, brake duct kit, adjustable rear control arms, 3:73 rear gears, carbon fiber dash gauge pod

Shelby GT350 (2015-Present)
What Is A S550 Mustang? - What Is A S550 Mustang?

This features a 5.2L Flat Plane Crank V8 engine (code-named VooDoo) with 526 hp and 429 lb-ft of torque. This is more track focused than the GT500 with some significant features such as chassis tuning, lowering the hood around the engine, cross-drilled brake rotors paired with Brembo calipers, MagneRide damping option, Recaro seats, lighter Tremec manual trans, and other lighter components. Additional upgrades such as larger alloy wheels, electrical improvements being HID headlamps, backup sensors and camera, better sound system and so much more!


Shelby GT350R (2015-Present)

What Is A S550 Mustang? - What Is A S550 Mustang?

It was announced by Ford in 2015 that this model would only have 37 units being made. The first one sold for $1 million at Barrett Jackson. So many improvements went into this vehicle being weight reductions wherever possible and aerodynamic improvements. It was introduced with carbon fiber wheels and is the first major automaker to have this as a standard item. It is also more than 130lbs lighter the GT350 Track Pack. The “R” also comes with a larger front splitter and rear wing, red painted brake calipers, red pin striping on the edge of the stripes, and “R” badging.


California Special (2016-2019)

What Is A S550 Mustang? - What Is A S550 Mustang?

The S550 body style was introduced in 2015 but did not have a California Special edition package. Not until 2016 was this package offered and came with a 435 hp stock engine, performance strut tower brace with “California Special” badging, and ebony leather/miko suede seat inserts with red contrast stitching and embossed logo. For the 2019, stock horsepower increased from 435 to 460 as well as torque from 400 to 420.


Bullitt Mustang (2019)

What Is A S550 Mustang? - What Is A S550 Mustang?

The new Bullit Mustang was to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the movie “Bullitt” and was unveiled at the 2018 NAIAS (North American International Auto Show). It was presented by Steve McQueen’s grand daughter Molly McQueen. It is similar to the 1968 car in that it is offered in a Dark Highland Green color, but also comes in black. As well as a few interior upgrades, this 5.0 L V8 comes equipped with a larger 87 mm throttle body, enhanced GT350 manifold and re-calibrated cold air intake. This resulted in a hp increase to 480.


Shelby GT500 (2020)

What Is A S550 Mustang? - What Is A S550 Mustang?

It was announced at NAIAS that this GT500 will return in 2019 as a 2020 model. It is slated to have a supercharged version of the GT350’s 5.2 L V8, which will generate 760 hp and 625 lb-ft of torque. Check out our article going over all of the 2020 GT500 Specs


Ford is constantly trying to innovate and stay ahead of the pack when it comes to performance, styling, and comfort. The coming years will be a testament to the Mustang’s success and how we at LMR will provide the most updated content for your needs. Shop with us, the “REAL” Mustang Enthusiasts!

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