20 Things You Learn Dating A Car Enthusiast

Posted 6/9/2015 by Tyler Rodriquez

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  1. They Like To Spend All Their Money On Their Car.

  2. They Have Long Nights In The Garage

  3. Only To Wake Up Super Early For Car Shows

  4. They Are Always In Race Mode

  5. They Are Always Washing Their Car.

  6. Car Parts. Car Parts Everywhere.

  7. They Will Have More Pictures Of Their Car In Their Phone Than Of You Two.

  8. Their Hands Are Always Dirty.

  9. You Learn To Tolerate The Smell Of Automotive Fluids.

  10. 1They Will Park At The Back Of The Parking Lot To Avoid Door Dings.

  11. A "Night Out" Consists Of Dinner At Sonic & A Car Meet

  12. You Will Get Pulled Over With Them..But It's Ok, They Have Done This Before.

  13. You Learn To Tune Out Their Loud Exhaust.

  14. You Have No Idea Why They Are Freaking Out Over a 20 Year Old Car.

  15. They Spend Way To Much Time Watching Racing Videos.

  16. They Have To Get The Perfect Angle For Their New Instagram Picture To Get A Shoutout.

  17. Having To Avoid Certain Stores Because Their Lowered Car Will Scrape.

  18. What They Really Meant When They Said They Would Do The Dishes.

  19. All Your Towels Start To Magically Disappear.

  20. They Are Always Talking About Cars.