2015 Mustang GT Triple Yellow Project Car

2015 Mustang GT Triple Yellow Project Car

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2015 Mustang GT Triple Yellow Project Car

With the new S550 platform rolling out, you know we here at Latemodel Restoration had to do a 2015 Mustang GT project car! Follow the build with plenty of video & tech articles.

Triple Yellow 2015 Mustang GT

With our 2015 Mustang in hand, we plan on test and tuning all of the latest and greatest parts offered for the S550. Our triple yellow Mustang GT was outfitted with the performance pack which gave us a perfect starting point for the mods we were about to throw at it. Some of the factory features included a 6 speed transmission, naturally aspirated V8 pushing our 435 horsepower and 400 ft/lbs of torque, 15 inch rotors with six piston Brembo calipers, a thicker rear sway bar, and plenty more!

Bringing In More Air

This 2015 Mustang made plenty of horsepower when we picked it up, but being true Mustang enthusiasts, we could not leave it stock for long. Since we had already made plenty of power with a forced induction setup on our Supercharged 2015 Mustang, we decided to give this one the bolt on treatment. One of the most popular bolt ons for all Mustang owners is a Cold Air Intake Kit. For this car we decided to go with the 2015 Mustang JLT Cold Air Intake Kit. This kit is a no tune required system making it a popular choice when shopping for your S550, but we had more mods planned for this beast and a custom tune quickly followed.

Aggressive New Exhaust Tone

Although the S550s sound pretty good from the factory, there is always room for improvement. With the additional air bring brought in by the cold air kit, we wanted to get the exhaust moving out quicker as well. After testing and tuning all of the latest and greatest 2015 Mustang Exhaust Kits, we settled on the Bassani Mid-Muffler Catback Exhaust Kit. This system features their x-muffler and bolts up after your catalytic converts, replacing your factory resonators and keeping your Stang emissions legal. If you are looking for a very mellow exhaust while cruising at highway speeds, then the Bassani Mid-Muffler Kit is the right choice! There is zero drone inside of the car, but really opens up when you hit the gas!

New Stance & New Shoes

Now that we have a little more horsepower, we had to get rid of the ugly wheel gap that has plagued Mustangs since day 1. The 2015 Mustang had a pretty impressive stance from the factory, but we knew we could get it to look a little better. With the wide assortment of 2015 Mustang Lowering Springs available, there are a lot of different ways to have your S550 look. We decided to go with the Eibach Pro Kit on this 2015 Mustang. We paired it up with a set of DF5 wheels to add a sinister new look to this S550. These wheels feature a 5 spoke design with a concave design in the rear.

It's All In The Details

With the performance & suspension mods going on, we wanted to add a few appearance mods to this S550. Redline Tuning introduced the 2015 Mustang Hood Struts early on and we knew this would be a must have with the amount of time we would spend modding under the hood. To further compliment the hood on this S550, we added the 2015 Mustang Roush hood scoop. This scoop gave our 2015 Mustang an aggressive new look and was the perfect addition for our next mods.

Future Mods

With a little more horsepower, a better stance, and tasteful mods, this 2015 Mustang is begging for something bigger and better. We have already supercharged a 2015 Mustang, so we figured we would do something different on this S550. Stay tuned to see what we will be adding next!

2015 Mustang GT Triple Yellow Project Car - 2015 Mustang GT Triple Yellow Project Car