SVE Lightning Parts

SVE Lightning parts are a great way to increase horsepower, upgrade, and restore your SVT Ford Lightning. Sold exclusively at Late Model Restoration, these high quality Lightning parts are affordable on just about any budget! Customize your Lightning with a variety of SVE appearance and performance parts from Late Model Restoration. SVE used to stand for Special Vehicle Engineering, a division of Ford Motor Company. They were a special team of engineers who built high performance vehicles such as the famous Super Stallion Mustang. Over the years, the SVE division was eventually shut down along with the SVO branch. Today, SVE stands for Special Vehicle Equipment, and is a division of Late Model Restoration. SVE provides Ford Performance enthusiasts with quality performance parts at a budget friendly price. Available exclusively at Late Model Restoration, SVE has you covered with control arms, lowering springs, cold air intakes, custom tunes, exhaust, wheels, lights, and much more! Whether you want better handling, more horsepower, or better looks, SVE has you covered.

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