Mustang Power Rack & Pinions Kits

Keep your Mustang on the straight & narrow with a new Mustang Power Steering Rack or Power Steering Rack Kit! Mustang Power Steering Racks are known to blow out inner seals & leak through the Inner Tie Rod Boot or Bellow. No one likes an oil stained driveway, so replace that leaky Rack today! These quality replacement Mustang steering racks are a direct replacement for your original and available in the factory 15:1 ratio. We have kit options to choose from with non-offset steering rack bushings and offset steering rack bushings. Non-Offset bushings are to be used with Mustangs at factory ride height. Offset bushings will be used with cars that have lowering springs installed. Mustangs with lowering springs also have the option to have a Mustang bump steer kit included instead of the factory outer tie rod ends. Mustang bumpsteer kits are great if your wheel toes in or toes out when the suspension moves up or down. No matter what your need is, Late Model Restoration has you covered with the right Mustang power steering parts!

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1979-93 Mustang Power Steering Racks

1994-04 Mustang Power Steering Racks