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Project IntroVert: Fox Body Mustang Convertible Restoration

Created by Jeff Jimenez
Last Updated 3/9/2020

Project IntroVert is our convertible Fox Body Mustang project. We have done some serious installations to help bring this Stang back from the grave. Too often this is that project that gets put into the corner and forgotten about. That doesn’t mean we don’t bring it back to the top of our project list from time to time. It has seen some great installation articles and videos completed on it. See them all here!!

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Our love and dedication to 1979-2011 Mustangs are what has got us here, and will carry us into the future as the leaders in Mustang restoration and performance parts.  Our stable includes a race-ready 2000 Cobra R, a 1995 Cobra R, a 1979 Mustang Pace Car, and a clean, vibrant red 1993 Cobra (you know, the one we tried to raffle off at our 10th anniversary? Who would turn that down SHM), but those are all really nice and do not need anything.

Project IntroVert: Fox Body Mustang Convertible Restoration - Project IntroVert: LatemodelResto Fox Body Mustang

What we don't have, is a convertible.  Nor do we have a driving, unrestored car that we can throw parts at as-needed.  We have plenty of employees with Mustangs but they are all coupes and hatchbacks.  Often the 1983-1993 Mustang Convertibles are loved by their owners but not by many others.  Fox body Mustang convertibles do not have the same mystique that the 1964 1/2-1966 Mustang convertibles had, nor do they have the track prowess that the Mustang Coupes or Hatchbacks have on dragstrips or road courses across the country.  No, the 1983-1993 Mustang Convertibles are often looked down upon by the mainstream Mustang community (except for maybe Vanilla Ice but I don't know if he counts).  Well, we are about to change that.

The Specimen:  We have found a great candidate for our project, in the form of a 1988 Mustang GT Convertible. The car is black with a black top and factory sand beige cloth interior.  The GT still wears its factory turbine wheels, factory radio and red molding stripe. The stock 5.0L motor teamed with a T5-5 speed has almost 120,000 miles but looks and runs like new. This Mustang Convertible is, for the most part, unmolsted.  Only a set of dumped exhaust, a strut tower brace, and the effects of time have changed it from what it looked like when some proud owner drove it off the Ford lot back in 1988. This Mustang restoration needs, well, just about everything that your Fox Body convertible needs:  A new convertible top (maybe even a new frame!), weatherstipping, interior trim, emblems, carpet, upholstery, it needs it all!  Despite what it looks like, it really is a solid Mustang that can be driven anywhere!

Project IntroVert: Fox Body Mustang Convertible Restoration - fox body mustang convertible restoration

 The Plan of Action:  Only a few people here have owned a 1983-1993 fox body convertible, so we thought it would be nice for Latemodel Restoration Supply to buy one and have the Mustang here on site so that we can look at it, study it, fix it, blog it, and research it.  The best part is, everything will be documented as we do it! Install articles, videos and the parts we sell will bring this Pony back to it's past glory. You can follow along at home as we tackle the easy and the hard stuff through blogs here and on our Facebook page. Please keep checking back we want this to be not just our project, but a project for every enthusiast who has owned a Fox body Mustang convertible or is looking to add one to the garage.

If you have a 1983-1993 Mustang convertible and are looking for parts, here is a good start to what we offer - Mustang Convertible Parts. If you are looking for a great printed resource, look no further than the Mustang Convertible Top Guide Book! It will help walk you through just about all your Fox Body Convertible questions.

Project IntroVert Tech Articles & Videos

Project IntroVert is just one of those projects that keeps getting put in to corner and eventually comes back to the "lime-light" from time to time. Check up with all the latest tech articles and installation videos bleow!

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Fox Body Mustang Convertible Top Installation

If you have been following along with Project IntroVert you know that our project car started as a 1988 Mustang GT Convertible that really needs just about everything that breaks on a Mustang of this age. Overall the car is solid, it drives well and runs strong for a stock 5.0L/5-speed combo and we have had some 4th of... more

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