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Everything About A Fox Body Coyote Swap

Last Updated 1/14/2021 by Taylor Ward

How To Coyote Swap A Fox Body Mustang - How To Coyote Swap A Fox Body Mustang

A Fox Body Coyote Swap on your Mustang can be a very difficult and stressful task. We at LMR provide all the info needed to make this process go smoothly.

Viewing this install and using the information shared is subject to the terms set forth here - View the LMR Install Instructions Disclaimer.

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The Coyote engine has proven itself to be a nice combination of fuel efficiency and reliability while still putting out a lot of power. This great balance has landed this engine as one of the most popular engine swaps. In addition, the Fox Body is a very light vehicle coming in around 3,000 pounds which is much lighter than the Mustangs of today. This in turn will give the Fox that much more power gains. In conclusion this led the Fox Body initially coming with a pushrod engine instead of the modular coyote engine.


How To Coyote Swap A Fox Body Mustang - How To Coyote Swap A Fox Body Mustang

Gen 1 Coyote (2011-2014 Mustang) Gen 2 Coyote (2015-2017 Mustang) Gen 3 Coyote (2018+ Mustang)


412 HP/ 420 HP
435 HP
460 HP


390 lb-ft Torque
400 lb-ft Torque
420 lb-ft Torque


4.951 Liters
4.951 Liters
5.035 Liters









NOTE: Please keep in mind this is a general list of coyote swap parts because there are so many ways to perform the swap. Also, check out our product page below to get a more in-depth list of some additional swap parts to give you more variety with your build!

Coyote Swap Blocks:

  • Gen. 1 Coyote Long Block: M6006M50A1 (not fully assembled)
  • Gen. 2 Coyote Engine: M6007M50A
  • Aluminator Engine: M6007A50NAB
  • Junkyard 2011 to 2017 GT Engine
  • Junkyard F-150 Engine (10.5:1 compression and slightly different camshafts)

Coyote Swap Transmissions:

  • T45 (Bolt Up Application) (Compatible with STF-TCBM02 Stiffler Crossmember) (Compatible with STF-TCBM10 Stiffler Crossmember)
  • TR3650 (Bolt Up Application) (Compatible with STF-TCBM02 Stiffler Crossmember)
  • 03-04 Cobra T-56 (Bolt Up Application)
  • T56 Magnum (Will Need A RM-8080 Quicktime Housing, 8 Bolt 96-04 Flywheel, Any 10.5" or 11" Clutch Depending On Transmission Input Splines) (Compatible with STF-TCBM02 & TCBM10 Stiffler Crossmember)
  • TKO 500/600 (Will Need A Quicktime Housing, 8 Bolt 96-04 Flywheel, Any 10.5" or 11" Clutch Depending On Transmission Input Splines) (Compatible with STF-TCBM03 Stiffler Crossmember)
  • 4R70W Automatic (Will Need An 8 Bolt Flexplate)(Compatible with STF-TCBM01 & TCBM03 Stiffler Crossmember)
  • 6r80 (Using M6017M50A Control Pack) (Compatible with STF-TCB6R80KIT Stiffler Crossmember)
  • T5 (Bolt Up Application) NOTE: CAN BE USED BUT NOT RECOMMENDED DUE TO THE LIMITED 300lb-ft TORQUE CAPACITY (Will Need A RM-6081 Quicktime Housing, any 8 Bolt Mustang Flywheel 96’-current)(Any 10.5” or 11” clutch depending on the year model flywheel being used)(Compatible with STF-TCBM06 & TCBM03 Stiffler Crossmember)

Coyote Swap Kits:

Coyote Swap Driveshafts:

(NOTE: These driveshafts are equipped with the larger 1350 u-joints and also use the larger pinion flange found on the 03-04 Cobra, Explorer, and F-150 8.8 applications. Therefore, if your vehicle still uses the factory car "small flange" you will need to upgrade to the larger heavy duty pinion flange.)
  • LRS-FXT56MAG - 1979-93' Mustang T56 Conversion Driveshaft - T56 Magnum
  • LRS-FXT56 - 1979-93' Mustang T56 Conversion Driveshaft - Cobra T56

Coyote Swap Flywheel & Clutches:

  • RAM-1545 - 1996-17 Mustang Ram Flywheel - Billet Steel - 10.5"/11" - 8 Bolt
  • RAM-2545 - 1996-17 Mustang Ram Flywheel - Aluminum - 10.5"/11" - 8 Bolt
  • ARP-2542801 - 1996-04 Mustang ARP Pro Series Flywheel Bolts 4.6/5.4
  • ARP-1562801 - 2011-14 Mustang ARP Flywheel Bolts 5.0
  • Clutches
  • ARP-1562201 - 1999-12 MUSTANG ARP PRESSURE PLATE BOLTS 4.6/5.0

Coyote Swap Motor Mounts:

Coyote Swap Tubular K Members:

Coyote Swap Brakes:

(NOTE: Hydroboost is required if you wish to retain power brakes)
  • MMBAK-19 - Maximum Motorsports Hydroboost Conversion Kit - 96-98 GT/Cobra Style (79-93)
  • MMBAK-20 - Maximum Motorsports Hydroboost Conversion Kit - 99-04 GT/Cobra Style (79-93)>
  • MM-MMBAK10 - Maximum Motorsports Manual Brake Conversion Kit (79-93)

Coyote Swap Battery Relocation Kit:

  • UPR-9005 - Mustang UPR Battery Relocation Kit (79-18)

Coyote Swap Cooling Systems:

(NOTE: Electric cooling fan(s) are REQUIRED)
  • LRS-COYOTE-K - 1979-93 Mustang Coyote Swap Radiator Hose Kit
  • FLX-185 - Black Magic Xtreme Electric Fan Kit (79-93) 5.0

Coyote Swap Wiring Harnesses:

  • M-6017-A504V - For Cars Running A Manual Transmission (M12508M50 engine harness is compatible)
  • M6017M50A - For 6R80 Equipped Cars

Coyote Swap Sway Bar & Brackets:

  • MM-MMFSB51 – 1994-04 Mustang Maximum Motorsports Front Sway Bar Relocation Kit
  • ST-5558124 – 2003-04 Mustang Steeda Front Sway Bar Spacer Kit
  • QA1-52884 – 1994-04 Mustang QA1 Front Sway Bar Kit
  • ST-5558109 – 1994-04 Mustang Steeda Front Sway Bar Brackets Billet
  • ST-5551094 – 1994-04 Mustang Steeda Front Tubular Sway Bar

Coyote Swap Power Steering/Brackets:

Coyote cars had electric power steering, so there's no provision for power steering pumps. The addition of power steering requires custom brackets to add the pump. Therefore, this is the reason why one would choose the SVE-8511D is because of the desire to run power steering and accessories from a 96-10. In addition, we have other options from KRC and Ford racing for adding power steering if so desired.

  • KRC-66302125 - KRC Coyote Swap Power Steering Pump Kit
  • PSB-01-000 - Blowfish Racing Coyote Swap Power Steering Pump Adapter 5.0/5.2
  • M8511M50BR - Ford Performance Power Steering Pump Bracket for 5.0L Crate Engine
  • SVE-8511D - SVE 5.0 Coyote Engine Swap Accessory Bracket Kit

Coyote Swap Oil System:

A stock Coyote oil pan can be used if an aftermarket K-member is used. This swap pan is required if using the stock k-member. Stock Coyote oil filters and coolers require removal or relocation of the front sway bar. SN95 sway bars can be used on the Fox to help clear alternator and A/C, this requires cutting the Fox sway bar bracket from the frame rails.

  • MOR-20575 - 1979-10 Mustang Moroso Coyote Swap Oil Pan 5.0L
  • CAN-15730 - 1979-10 Mustang Canton Coyote Swap Oil Pan
  • CAN-15734 - 1979-10 Mustang Canton Coyote Road Race Oil Pan 5.0L
  • LRS-36622A - 2011-19 Mustang Oil Pick Up Tube
  • LRS-36890A - 2011-17 Mustang Oil Filter Adapter W/Out Oil Cooler
  • M6881M50 - 2011-14 Mustang Ford Performance Remote Oil Filter Adapter GT 5.0L
  • MOR-23687 - 2011-14 Mustang Moroso Remote Oil Filter Adapter 5.0
  • CAN-22627 - Canton Coyote Oil Filter Adapter - Black
  • M6880M501 - 2015-17 Mustang Ford Performance Coyote Oil Filter Adapter Kit
  • M6881M50A - 2015-17 Mustang Ford Performance Coyote Oil Line Adapter

Coyote Swap Fuel System:

  • LRS-6237 - 1986-93 Mustang SVE High Performance Fuel System- 340LPH
  • AMV-13129 - 1979-10 Mustang Aeromotive Return Style Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • LRS-9350D-K - 1986-97 Mustang Walbro 255 LPH High Pressure Fuel Pump Kit
  • KP-1441 - Mechanical Fuel Pressure Gauge 0-100 PSI W/ Connector
  • LRS-9350H - 1998 Mustang Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump Module
  • RUS-640853 - 2011-19 Mustang -6AN Fuel Rail Adapter 3.7/5.0

Coyote Swap A/C:

  • LRS-19703-PBH - SVE A/C Kit For Power By The Hour's Speed Drive Kit
  • LRS-19703-COY - SVE A/C Kit For KRC's Power Steering Pump Kit

Coyote Swap Charging System:

  • M8600M50BALT - Ford Performance Boss 302 Alternator Kit
  • MM-ST73 - 1979-04' Mustang Maximum Motorsports Power Steering Fitting Kit

Coyote Swap Exhausts:

(NOTE:Coyote Swap Headers Are Required And Expect To Do Some Customization Of Any Cat-Back You Choose To Run)
  • BBK-1634 - BBK Coyote Swap Headers - Full Length Chrome (79-04)
  • BBK-16340 - BBK Coyote Swap Headers - Full Length Ceramic Coated (79-04)
  • BBK-1786 - BBK Coyote Swap Catalytic X-Pipe
  • BBK-1787 - BBK Coyote Swap Off Road X-Pipe
  • KOK-10502201K - Kooks Long Tube Headers - 1-3/4" - Coyote Swap (79-93)

Coyote Swap Optional Features:

How To Coyote Swap A Fox Body Mustang - How To Coyote Swap A Fox Body Mustang


Follow the install articles and videos that we have made in the past titled: COYOTE ENGINE SWAP PROJECT. These videos and articles are a must-watch if you have any inclination of a Coyote swap for either your Fox Body or SN95 Mustang. This video series includes a mass of technical info and install videos to assist with any or all your swap needs.

We hope that you enjoyed our detailed article of coyote swapping your Fox Body! As always for anything Fox Body to present-day Mustangs, keep it right here at LMR.com.

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