Project Coyote Swap: 5.0L Engine Install

It is motor install day on our SN95 Cobra Coyote Swap Mustang! Watch the 5.0L engine get installed in our new Project Coyote Swap video.

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If you have been following along with our Project Coyote Swap Mustang, you know it is time to install the Ford 5.0L engine in our Bondurant Cobra! We have been waiting for this day for some time now. With the BBK long tube headers, Moroso oil pan and transmission all installed, we set out to install the new potent power-plant in between the fenders.

To retain the race suspension that was already in place, we set out to keep the factory k member. This made for a tight fit when installing the motor from the top. We quickly found out that this would require us to do just a little more work to stab the 5.0L motor into our Bondurant Mustang. So Jmac rounded up some help from our general manager Scott and even got a helping hand from the camera guy.

The first step was to remove the steering shaft to give us some much needed clearance. After this, we moved on to lifting the Stang into the air. With the Stang in the air, we then moved on to removing the steering rack from the k member. Next up, we supported the k member with jacks and removed the k member bolts. With the help of the jacks, we lowered the k member down to gain even more clearance for this 4V engine to go into place.

Once we had the engine in place, we installed the k member to the motor mounts. This allowed us to properly align the k member to the Cobra with the help of the engine hoist. With everything properly aligned, we re-installed the k member bolts and steering components. The only thing left to do is address a few loose ends and fire up this motor. Be sure to subscribe and get ready for the next part. We will address brake system, power steering, connecting fuel system and much more! If you are like Jmac in the video, I’m sure you are excited to see this project almost running!!

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About the Video

Project Coyote Swap: 5.0L Engine Install

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Published on 2013-05-08
Well Jmac said it best, It's D-day here at We will be installing the 5.0L Ford motor into our SN95 Cobra. This Coyote swap is gettting closer to being fired up for the first time! Follow along in the video as Jmac walks you through our install procedure. We decided to keep the factor k member for this project Mustang.

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0:00:01 - 0:00:14
Well folks it is D-day on our Bondurant Cobra coyote swap project. We’re finally going to get the motor in the Mustang. Follow along, wew will show you a couple steps it takes to get it in the Stang. Next time you see it it's going to be running!

0:00:14 - 0:00:31
Well if you remember, I told you going with the tubular k member was the way to go with this mustang coyote swap. We are stuck on staying with the factory k member that came on this cobra. Well it is fighting us because we can't drop the motor in from the top. The headers and the oil pan are all over everything. So what we're going to have to do is get the Pony up in the air a little bit.

0:00:31 - 0:00:35
Drop the k member down so we can put in the motor. Now we're still going to put the motor in from the top, that way you can still do this in your driveway with some jacks, jack stands and an engine hoist. Yeah we're doing this on the lift but it's easy to replicate at home.

0:00:46 - 0:01:10
Before we got serious with the dropping in the engine, we pulled out the steering shaft to free up some much-needed room in the engine bay. Once the k member was removed from the car, we lowered the car a little bit and slid the 5.0L engine into the engine bay. we then raised the Pony back up a bit and hung the k member from the motor mounts using the motor mount nuts to hold it in the place.

0:01:10 - 0:01:36
Lifting the engine and k member with the engine hoist, we squared the k member into the car and tighten the retaining bolts. We then installed the steering rack and then tightened up the motor mount nuts. And there you go motor in a cobra. Next time you see us, we will have this Mustang running and we'll have some dyno numbers for you. So for all your mustang
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