Project Coyote Swap: Headers & Clutch

Late Model Restoration Mustang Coyote Swap: Long Tube Header, oil pan & transmission install video. We have a few things that need to be highlighted before we can install the Ford 5.0L Coyote Engine into the Bondurant SVT Cobra.

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Before we install the 400+hp Ford 5.0L Coyote motor in the Bondurant Cobra, we wanted to go over a few of the key pieces that are required to do a Mustang Coyote Swap in a Fox Body or SN-95 Mustang. There were a few modifications that were required to install some of these parts. Follow along in the video as Jmac shows you what parts are needed and what modifications were required before we installed the Coyote engine.

The first major component you will need to look into is a Mustang tubular k member. If you have a 96-04 Mustang, you can use your factory k member. Because our Bondurant Cobra’s suspension was built around the stock k member, we decided it was best to keep the stock k member. We encountered some clearance issues with the k member and the long tube headers. Jmac will point these out in the video. With a little mild modification to the header tube (hammering in some slight clearance), the BBK Coyote Swap headers cleared just fine. We recommend using the tubular k member to gain more clearance in your engine bay as-well-as you get the benefit of dropping a few pounds off the front end of your Mustang! If you have a 1979-95 Mustang that came with the push rod 5.0L engine, you have to use a k member designed for 4.6L mod motor.

Next up on our list was oil pan clearance. The stock Ford 5.0L Coyote oil pan would not clear the Cobra stock k member without being modified and cut up. To avoid trying to figure out exactly what needs to be cut and added, you will need to use a Coyote swap oil pan to properly clear your 79-04 k member. For this, we turned to Moroso and used their Mustang Coyote Swap Oil Pan. The oil pan will not clear the BBK long tube headers, so we made a quick trip to a local fab shop ans we were back in business! Modifications can be seen in the video.

Next up, we addressed the transmission installation. We saw no reason not to re-use a good functioning transmission, so we decided to reuse the Tremec 3550 transmission that was previously in the Bondurant Cobra. To accomplish this task we used a Quick Time Bellhousing (RM-6081). This SFI approved bellhousing came with all the needed hardware: Bell-housing, spacer plate, pivot ball, fork brackets, grade 8 hardware and install instructions. Since this bellhousing was designed for 4.6L/5.4L Ford modular motors, there was some modification needed to install this bellhousing. The spacer plate and dowel pins were both modified to for clearance – refer back to the video to see the what modifications are necessary. We used a 96-04 4.6L Mustang 8 bolt flywheel and clutch assembly to finish off the transmission set up.

The final piece we had to address before installing the motor was an important one – how to mount the coyote motor to the k member? Luckily this is much easier than it sounds. You can simply take 96-04 4.6L Mustang motor mounts, bolt them right up to the Coyote motor and you’re done. No modifications needed here!!! With all of these steps complete, we can now turn our focus on installing the Coyote into its new home. Stay tuned… it is about to get fun!!

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About the Video

Project Coyote Swap: Headers & Clutch

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Published on 2013-04-22
In this update, Jmac shows you everything you need to do before you can install the Coyote motor into your SN-95 or Fox Body Mustang. He covers topics such as tubular k members. If you have a 96-04 Mustang with a 4.6L engine already in your Mustang then you can use your stock k member. Jmac shows you what clearance issues you will have if you use a stock k member with long tube headers.

In this Mustang Coyote Swap, we used a set of BBK Coyote swap long tube headers. They will be later mated up to a BBK Coyote Swap off-road x pipe. We also address motor mounts need for a engine swap like this. We used a set of factory 96-04 4.6L motor mounts. The next major component needed to do a Coyote Swap in a Fox or SN95 Mustang is an oil pan. We turned to Moroso and used their Coyote Swap oil pan. It did have to have minor modification to clear the long tube headers.

Lastly we used a Quick Time bell-housing to install our Tremec 3550 transmission to the Coyote engine. Jmac goes over some of the minor modifications needed to make a Tremec transmission work in your Coyote swap.
0:00:01 - 0:00:20
Quick coyote swap update on our 1997 Bondurant Cobra. We are almost ready to drop the motor into place but I want to touch on a few of the modifications we had to make along the way first and foremost if you're doing this swap we highly recommend using a tubular k member using a stock a member causes you few issues.

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Here's what they are: in using a stock k member you are going have long tube header clearance issues also because you using a stock k member you will need to use a Moroso oil pan. This oil pan does not clear the BBK long tube headers. We had to have the corner of ours modified to clear the header tub. We are running a Tremec 3550 transmission in this Mustang.

0:00:44 - 0:01:08
To mate it up to the coyote you're going to be using the Quick Time bell housing. We are also using a standard issue 96-04 Mustang eight bolt aluminum flywheel and an 11" clutch we are also using a standard issue 96-04 4.6L starter. For motor mounts we are using standard issue 96-04 4.6L motor mounts bolt right to the block no modification needed.

0:01:08 - 0:01:25
Because we're using a 4.6L modular bell housing on this coyote motor we had to enlarge the hole around the crank area so the backing plate would clear the reluctor ring and crank trigger. We had to shave down the dowel pins in the block to the same thinness as the backing plate in the Quick Time bell housing.

0:01:25 - 0:01:34
We are going ahead and get the flywheel, clutch, bell-housing installed on the motor. That way we can put this engine in that way we can show you how that goes next.